Dream it Monday

It has been a very long day and the topics are not flowing to me, so here it a list.

A list of things I dream about:
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  • I dream of owning a small house at the beach. A house with wooden floors and big screened windows and a porch out front with a couple of rocking chairs and a railing I can put my feet up on. There's a garden out front planted with tiger lilies, cosmos and morning glories. 

  • My dream house has a handpainted sign with the name, Mermaid's Rest.
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  • I dream of wandering the streets of a city in Italy, stopping for a coffee and piece of bread, strolling through the streets, absorbing the smells, sights and sounds of the place as I seek out art and history in the buildings that I pass.
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  • I dream of floating on my back at Higgins, and hearing the hiss and purr of the waves as they break , the smell of the salt and the ultimate feeling of weightlessness as I gaze up at the clouds and think how lucky I am to be a Maine girl through and through.  ( I do dream of this... :))
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  • I dream of sitting with a friend, on a quiet beach at daybreak, watching the sun rise over the horizon.
Now I am off to try and capture one of these dreams as I sink into sleep. What do you dream of?


autumngeisha said…
The beach house is definitely a recurring dream of mine. That one in the picture is adorable. I think mine would be on the English or Scottish coast with a well stocked yarn store within walking distance :)
Patricia said…
I dream of Italy...I have visited many times and relish my memories of streets just like you showed...especially my ancestral village in Ferla, Sicily. I dream of growing old with my husband...talking walks, holding hands, along the beach, sipping wine on the porch. In Italy, parents do not wish their children "sweet dreams" but rather they say "Sogni d'oro"...may you have golden dreams. My wish for you!
Evelyn said…
Amazingly enough, we share similar dreams. While I wouldn't turn down the beach, my dream cottage is on a wide lake, surrounded by woods. I've have lovely memories of strolling in Italy but I'll also add the south of France and finally, enjoying quiet time spent with a friend is always on my list. xo

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