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I want to honor the Blogtober Fest challenge that I accepted from Evelyn aka ProjectStashEL, blog ProjectStash. We joined TinnieGirl's group of 282 bloggers and agreed to post something each day of this month.
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 I missed a few days last week due to illness and lack of writer mojo. Thank you Julie, aka Inky007 of UrbanMouseCountryHouse blog.  I have been trying to come up with a topic all day, and in an email, you asked the question I will now answer.

Yarn Shops, browsing and deciding.

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Julie has often showered me with praise of my color sense and my ability to put a pattern and color of yarn together in a way that is pleasing to her eye, and to mine.  

In a message earlier this week, she mentioned that she had earned herself a visit to her LYS (local yarn shop). I urged her to walk in with this attitude- don't go in with any pattern or item in mind. Go in and just drink in the colors, the textures, and the array of choices laid out in the shop. Quietly browse and see what color or texture speaks to you. If you find that thing that says "Pick me, pick me!" listen, and if it is in your budget to get it, then do. I often do this,  and I try to get at least a couple of balls or skeins so that I can at least make a hat or scarf with my purchase. After getting it home, I will cake it as soon as I can and then place it in a basket with the other recent purchases. It is a bowl of fibery eye candy. 

I headed to one of my local yarn shops in search of the Winter Vogue Knitting magazine and maybe a yarn purchase. Here is a description of the visit.
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As I tread upwards from the Red Line T Stop at Downtown Crossing, the hall way echoes with voices, someone's whistling, and the clatter of the subway as it rushes on to the next stop. I step out onto Temple Place and turn toward one of my favorite places, Windsor Button. I pause to check out the window displays and then enter the shop. 
Inside with just one view of the crafty offerings. Imported from a sewn wardrobe
The door opens onto a large room that is filled with all matter of crafting and creativity. The first thing I see is the vertical display of Madelintosh yarns, hung by the hank on dowels, an array of deliciousness in color, texture, and divine squooshy factor. I see the magazine I am seeking and grab that, as I finger the different colors; I don't linger too long though, Madtosh is not in the budget til I finish the Tea Leaves in Baltic colorway. 
A vast array of yarns in a rainbow of colors, image imported from
As I walk through the isles looking for a skein of pink variegated wool for a scarf, I see fixtures loaded with many brands of yarn, including Berroco, Brown Sheep, Classic Elite Yarn, Malabrigo, Manos del Uruguay, and Debbie Bliss.  Here is a more complete list. I always go and visit the area where they stock the Manos and Malabrigo. I love the feel of those yarns, and the rich and saturated colors speak to me. It's hard to resist choosing multiple skeins, so many of them plead to go home with me!

There's a table near the back check out counter that has the most recent books and pamphlets. I paged through one of the latest must haves for knitters, Clara Parkes' Book of Socks. In this area, in the rear of the store, you'll find well stocked shelves of knitting books and racks of knitting booklets. The sensual attraction of flipping pages and drinking in the visual displays of patterns, techniques and stitches is immediate and can't compare to buying a book online.   

Nestled in among these displays of yarn are knitting tools, sewing notions, zippers, and crafting supplies. (One notion that seems to be in high demand are dress shields!!)
Seam binding in so many colors and types, imported from
 Also found in this area are spools upon spools of beautiful ribbons, various sizes of Velcro and other fastening devices, as well as kits of embroidery and needlepoint. The selection of threads and zippers is one of the best I can find now that so many of the fabric stores have closed.

This is but a section of the wall of buttons. Image imported from
The buttons that they carry are so varied, and range from standard coat replacement pieces to incredibly beautiful and unique statement accessories. If you need buttons, why drive to Michael's or AC Moore and be disappointed by the small spinner of carded buttons that is often under stocked? Come here, choose from the huge assortment, and get all of the items needed for a project.
More buttons, image imported from
Whenever I visit this store, I always stroll the different aisles, looking for anything new and enticing. As I browse, Susan or her husband will inquire  about my current projects and share whatever is new. One thing I learned Friday is that they will have a trunk show of the work of Alasdair Post-Quinn's new book Extreme Double Knitting.
Extreme Double Knitting, imported from

Next Saturday, November 5 from 12 to 3, you can meet Alsdair, view the amazing projects he has made, and buy his book. Go to his blog page, FallingBlox to see some of his work.

I frequent this store often, as have other knitting glitterati.... I don't bump into them but I am always on the lookout!
Jess and Casey of Ravelry, with Gina House of Dreamscape Image imported from
Ann Weaver and Norah Gaughan Image imported from
I don't mean to be promoting a store, so much as sharing with readers that fact that this resource is one to be visited and experienced. File it away in your memory so that if you need the perfect button, or want to select a book from a large assortment on knitting or other fiber arts,  choose from a wide array of yarns stock, or you just want that old time flavor of a shop with great customer service, please consider visiting.


Patricia said…
Well...I sure wish there was a Windsor Button near my house. I am so intimidated by LYSs. My closest one never feels welcoming to me. It is small but the owner is always impatient and doesn't seem to want to listen to my questions. So, I always make a hurried purchase and am never comfortable with it. Maybe it is the hesitancy I bring in with me. Amazing how a shop can reduce me from a competent, accomplished "woman of a certain age" to a quivering adolescent.
Inky077 said…
What a great post - I can hardly wait to shop at Windsor Button when I venture to Boston! It was almost like being there with you - great imagery.
And PS I did what you told me to do - I've got some 'splainin' to do when the charge bill comes in lol.
Amy said…
In all my Boston travels, I have yet to get my butt into Windsor Button. I've tried - but they've been closed :( Bad timing on my part...but now with me going to be working in Boston...*rubs hands together gleefully*
It looks like button heaven in there!
Kathleen said…
Oh, Windsor Button is a favorite whenever I get back to Boston. They used to be my "work" LYS. I'm impressed with how Susan keeps improving the yarn selection.

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