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I live in Charlestown, a historic section of Boston; it is one square mile of historic sites and structures and residences. I have lived here since 1983. If you'd like to read more of Charlestown's history, click here for the Wiki.
City Square, 1870
The Freedom Trail runs through one section of Charlestown, linking the Bunker Hill Monument, the U.S.S Constitution, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the grounds and buildings of the revamped Navy Yard. Travelers from around the globe parade through with cameras, maps and water bottles, snapping pictures and absorbing the history. At the western end of town, you'll find the former Schraftt's Candy, and the locations of the old Domino and Revere Sugar facilities. The section I want to share with you is located in the shadow of the Bunker Hill/Lenny Zakim Bridge.

City Square is a restful spot that you can easily miss. If you look at the first photo, you'll see that in the past the imposing structure of City Hall was bordered by a park. In the late 70's and 80's, that area was congested with roadways, heavy traffic and often treacherous pedestrian pathways.
City Square 1952
Over the past decade, the highway was rerouted under the square, and a tranquil, open space was developed. What used to be a congested and noisy roundabout or rotary, has been transformed.
Bird's eye view of City Square park, Zakim Bridge in background.

This image was taken from the citysquare.org site where you can read more about the historic elements found in this park. Below are some photos I snapped of the fountain and sculptures nearby.
This sculpture is approximately four feet tall.

I love the bubbles on the base.

Even in the city, the sound of flowing water is calming.

Fountain viewed from another angle.

A golden crane oversees the park.

The bridge to the North End is off to the right.

Just behind the trees is the Zakim Bridge.
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Patricia said…
Loved this post. I have been to Boston twice and I love it. In fact we walked on the Freedom Trail...maybe we walked by your house! Not all your photos would load for me. :-( Glad to have you blogging again...you may wonder what you have to share, but I look forward to your posts!
witchyknits4ewe said…
I've been to Boston but don't recall seeing that sculpture - it's awesome!! Thanks for such cool pics!
Evelyn said…
What a wonderful love letter to your city and neighborhood! Thanks for giving us a grand tour. And thanks for your lovely long message from yesterday -- I'm going to steal a few minutes during my lunch hour to write you back!! Hope you've had a lovely day. xo
Inky077 said…
I used to take my class on the Freedom Trail - this brings back sweet memories. I love that I am learning to fall in love with Boston all over again through your posts! Thanks.
Calophi said…
I think the fish fountain is creepy. :)

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