Squee Sunday #16

My Squee this Sunday is a sharing kind of squee. I'd like to share a designer that makes some interesting patterns, patterns that teach you some new tricks, end result- fashion pow!

I began following John Brinegar around the time I joined Ravelry in 2009. His Ravelry name is knitboy1, and his blog is called Yarnballboogie. His style is sometimes grand, over the top, bigger than life....
Bang, by John Brinegar
The Red Seed, by John Brinegar
A bit over the top, right? So, there are more styles to look at, like the following....

Envy, by John Brinegar
When I wanted to learn cable stitch I made Envy and I found I liked it so much I made 6 more.  It's a great way to showcase some cool buttons, it goes quickly because you use bulky/super bulky yarn and big needles. You get a finished product in no time!

Envy by John Brinegar
This picture was taken before I added buttons, check out John's version to see full effect of notions!

Neckwarmer hat set
                                                  The styling of this project is breathtaking.

Welted Cowl from Vogue Holiday 2010
                 There are three designs in this edition of Vogue that use the knit technique of welting.

Welted Circle Vest

Irina Shabayev coat

Go the project page to view this coat on the runway. It is so different and edgy!

So, that's my squee share. I have so many of these ideas to share, maybe it will become my entry for each week!
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Inky077 said…
You know ribbing seems so old-fashioned, but look what can be done with it. I gain great inspiration to manipulate what stitches normally do into what they might be able to do, from this post. Thanks!
Calophi said…
I'm not a huge fan of that over the top ugly cowl, but I like all of the other patterns you posted here. The coat at the end is especially nice!
Amy said…
Interesting! I've never heard of him before, and you are right - some are very over the top, but others are quite lovely :D
Patricia said…
I look at these photos and no matter how I try, I cannot picture "myself" in any of them. But I do admire the artistry! Also...we could not wear such heavy items in California. That said...there is something inside me that whispers "Go for it! Try something DIFFERENT!"
Erin_in_Boston said…
I agree that many of his designs belong only on a runway. The point is, the envy cowl and some of his other things are pleasing to wear, fun to make and become great gifts.
autumngeisha said…
Wow, he has amazing talent! I have never heard of him until now. I love the edgy, modern style. And with a few mods, his designs can be very wearable. I love the circle vest which is actually very traditional looking.
Linda said…
Do you happen to know what book the Neckwarmer Hat set is in? I've been looking for the pattern but been unable to find it.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Hi Linda, I went to John's page of designs on Ravelry and followed the path to this link. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/tahki-stacy-charles-website
Erin_in_Boston said…
Linda, and anyone else interested in the hat and scarf pattern....I've got more info for you. Here's a link to the book the pattern is found in. http://tahkistacycharles.com/t/pattern_books_single?products_id=1065
Linda said…
Thanks so much for the tip on where to find the link earlier... With your tip on where to look, I did find a picture that looked like it was the same project and ordered the book from Amazon hoping it would be the one I wanted to find. Your link is the same title I ordered, so I am very happy and waiting on pins and needles for the book to come!

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