Squee Sunday #18

Squee Sundays
I was struggling a bit with what to post today. I have started working on a very exciting post about a knitting technique, but until I receive the ok to use photos of the artist's projects, I'll have to keep it under wraps.

So, the things I have to share with you that has me on the jazzed up attitude are two projects I am working on right now. They are so addictive that I can't seem to stop; even to go make another cuppa tea.

If you knit, you may play a game with yourself, a game I like to call the "one more row" game. You promise you'll set the needles down soon, because any numbers of responsibilities need tending, like dinner needs making, kids need a ride somewhere, laundry needs rebooting (thanks for that term Julie!!) or your eyes are flagging and your pillow is calling you. The two projects I've got going now are like crack or candy corn, I just need a little more.

I will be adding pictures tomorrow, or updating the ones I get now, which will be sepia toned and not by design. I need a boyfriend who is an electrician, lighting updates all around!

Kinetic Cowl, Interweave Knits Winter 2010

Project One: Kinetic Cowl by Amy Polcyn
I fell for the variety of blues in the magazine version, bookmarked it as favorite, but I never really read the pattern. When I chose it to make as a gift cowl, I intended to use a ball of Talinay that I picked up at Stitch House's sale last year. Variegated colors often pool in a manner that I don't love, so I figured... give this pattern a try.

Well, I cast on and thought, Hmmm, 8 stitches, really only 8??? Skills include: slip one purlwise, make one, and knit 2 together. I wondered if it would be boring? No, I found it addicting. It is like, for me anyways, doing Sudoku puzzles, I just can't seem to make myself stop.

Today my little rainbow strip grew from about 20 inches to about 90! Ya, that much, but you must understand.... I couldn't break free of the magnetic hold it had on me. (The image I want to paint is one from my childhood, StarTrek is on TV and the Enterprise is being held tight in the power lock of some scary, alien mother ship).... wow, I should go out for a walk, eh??     The pattern calls for 116" but I am inclined to knit a bit further and use up the whole cake.

Here is what I photographed last week.

It has been a very fast project, I have loved making this part of the pattern, the true test will be using a crochet hook to seam up the cowl shape. I wonder if that, too, will be hypnotizing?

Thirteen's Chinook Scarf

Project Two: Chinook Scarf by Ali Green, Cascade Ultra Pima
Another Stitch House yarn that was obtained on a sale, I got it at 40% off at the end of August.

There a certain someone in my life who loves yellow and this ball had her name all over it. I hadn't really given it much thought after making a cake of it in early September. It has been sitting, nestled in with some other Cascade Ultra Pima, and tempting me to look for a pattern. I knew I wanted to make a scarf, but which one?

Today,  as I knit on the Kinetic while trolling Ravelry, I came upon this pattern. I took a break from knitting to make a delicious, hearty Chicken and Tomato Soup and when got that simmering, I had time to try the lace pattern. It took me four attempts to get the hang of where I was on the 8 step directions, but now I have about 6 inches done and I can feel that this too will be a soothing and easy knit that will fly off the needles.

I need to get moving on the few Christmas (or Giftmas as I saw a few times today on people's blogs) gifts I will be giving.  (I have come to appreciate "knit worthiness", not all recipients have been excited by the gifts I gave them, so they get soap or hand cream this year.... sorry).

As for photos, I will attempt to show what I have so far, but please forgive the dark lighting... I will replace the image with a day-lit tomorrow.

So, that is what I have been up to during this early, wintery weather. Boston got only a small bit of snow and it was melted by early morning. We were lucky to have never lost the power...

What did you do with Sunday? Has my Squee post inspired you to go check these two patterns out? I feel like such an enabler. I know my Evelyn will be chiding me for yet another project getting cast on...... Methinks ADD might be the cause?

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witchyknits4ewe said…
Very pretty projects! I too love to play the "one more row" game!!
grandmastatus said…
I really enjoyed this post; I love hearing in detail what's on peoples' needles.
I find myself kind of scared of gift-mas. This is the first year I've ever decided to really knit for people and I'm kind of worried to find out that everyone will be unappreciative. :/
But if they are at least that means next year I don't have quite so many gifts to make!! lol
Calophi said…
That's some unique cowl construction. I guess it gets sewn up in a spiral. Pretty nifty!

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