Tag, you're IT!!!

Button created by Suzy Sitcom

While reading the larger scope of blogs since my participation in Blogtober Fest, I found this challenge.
Tracing back the steps from Lucy in the Sky who sends you to The Quince Tree for more details. This blogger explains bit, and refers you to the person who nominated her, Useful or Beautiful, who was tagged by Letters to the World.

Do ya wanna play????? Here is what you need to do:

Nominated blogs have to create a list of the following:
What's your most beautiful post?
What's been your most popular post?
What's been your most controversial post?
What's been your most helpful post?
Which posts success has surprised you most?
Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved?
Which post are you proudest of?

I am not sure about my most controversial post... looking at my stats and rereading, I can't find evidence of much controversy, so may I suggest replacing that one with
Which post do you think took the most effort to "research", write, or photograph?

As I read through answers to the questions, I must admit I feel like I'm playing with heavy hitters, The Quince Tree says her most visited post saw 2628 readers! Wow!

So join in! Now that Blogtober Fest is winding up, this might be an interesting challenge. I am hoping someone might make us a button and link us to a list as Tinnie Girl did. Any offers of help in that area????

I will be tagging my friends soon. Watch out!


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