WIP Wednesday # 64

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I have been away from my blog, but trust me, my needles have been busy and have been helping me to stay sane in this crazy world.

How much do you knit each day? I often wake up before I should and if I can't get back to sleep, I start up on one of my projects. This is the case today. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't sleep, so I am knitting and getting a blog post done. I will knit a bit at my lunch break, if I have a meeting, I might bring my work, and then when I get home I usually knit after dinner.  Tell me how much do you knit daily?

WIP  #1 Christmas Table Runner
I'm not posting a picture because I am not loving this one. It is something a friend asked me to make from yarn she had picked up. (When will I learn to say No?) I do a few rows everyday, but the skein doesn't get smaller. What is the deal with Red Heart yarn? I just want to be done with this!

WIP #2 Mermaid Boneyard Shawl
This cake of yarn is from wayyyyyy back in the days when I was just getting back to knitting. I thought it would become socks, but I never liked how the colors looked despite trying a number of different patterns. After making the Boneyard using Noro this summer, I figured this would showcase the colors better.  It will make for a great accessory piece.  I need to go shopping for a green or blue top that will compliment the colors. This pattern is so easy, but the point I am at now is doing rows that have 160 stitches. Progress slows down as it gets bigger.

WIP #3  Levenwick in Rust
The swatch is nearly done and I hope after blocking that I will be good to go. The yarn is from a great purchase on eBay, and the way it was spun is different from yarns I've used bedore. I wish I had the spinning knowledge to better describe this, but I love how defined the stitches are and the knitting is a pleasure as it wends its way through my fingers. I probably won't actually cast on until I get Tea Leaves done, but I will instead use the swatch and cake as incentive to finish other WIPs by placing it in a spot where the delicious yarn will encourage me to do the right thing. (Finish the damn cardigan will ya?)

WIP #4 Baltic Tea Leaves
I am doing both sleeves on Magic Loop to get even decreases. I am also alternating skeins every other row to avoid funky pooling, so I have four balls of yarn that get tangled and it is just a PITA. I did give it a day's worth of attention this past weekend and have about 6 more inches to go until I cast off the sleeves.

WIP #5 Kinetic Cowl
I have liked the looks of this cowl ever since I bought the IK issue back in the winter of 2010. It is an easy project that is only 8 stitches wide. The challenge will be to crochet these edges into a cowl after I knit 116 inches. I guess blocking has given some other knitters issues. The good thing is the yarn I am using has beautiful hues and I think this will show them off well. I had thought this was going to be the Slip Stitch hat, but decided against that one.

WIP #6 Chinese Waves Dishcloth
This is another test knit for my knitting class. It is a simple combo of knit and slip stitches and I guess it creates a fabric that is dense and holds up well to heavy wear. A number of comments to last week's posts led me to this pattern. Thanks for the suggestions guys! My students will now have three samples to compare and choose from for their next project.

WIP #7 Summer Grass Spoked Cardigan
I have been eyeing this pattern ever since I saw the cover of the  IK Weekend Fall 2011 edition. I will frog my Derry Pullover and make this instead. The Derry had funky pooling of colors that made it look like army fatigues. A few people kind enough to listen to me whine about it, suggested overdyeing, but I do love these colors, so I hope it works up better in the new pattern. I will alternate skeins on this time round. This too will stay at the swatching stage until Tea Leaves is finished.

WIP #8 Add my eBay purchases to Ravelry Stash page and post pictures here. Not really a knitting project, more of a confessional. I need to be thinking of the pile I have and getting it matched up with patterns.

So, yes, I have a long list of projects. I will defend myself by saying that some are portable, vanilla projects, others are samples for the knitting class.

If you'd like to be inspired by the work other have posted go to Tami's Amis and see what is OTN!

(I am going to hit publish on this narrative, sans photos. I will be adding them during my lunch break at work. The lighting there is so much better than here at home.)


Inky077 said…
Did you know that Red Heart acrylic multiplies when knit, lol? I actually like it - I may do the same pattern in off-white with a garter stitch border? on the length of each side, and maybe a wide cable down the middle? In red? What say ye?
Inky077 said…
Wow I commented on the wrong post, bwahahahahahahaaaa!

Ok, just move this the the post before, please. :)

Today I am flustered.
kiwiyarns said…
That's a nice list of projects. I'm trying very hard to stay on track and finish the two projects I'm concentrating on. But that doesn't count the two others that are my plain vanilla knits, and the swatch I'm contemplating, and the two other sweaters I'm dying to cast on...

I like to knit early in the morning if I can, although the usual school run routine usually puts paid to that. My most productive knitting time is at night, when I can get in a solid couple of hours after everyone has gone to bed.
autumngeisha said…
I like the variety of your WIP's. It is fun to have lots of different things to work on depending on mood/situation. The color of your Tea Leaves cardigan is gorgeous! I am making the Spoked Cardigan, too, but using Noro. It is a fun and interesting construction.

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