Work in Progress Wednesday #63

WIP Wednesday

Current projects OTN.
Tea Leaves sleeve progress.
Tea Leaves about 6" down the two sleeves, will I ever wear this sweater?

Coronet Hat is three inches up into crown but considering frogging back to where I picked up stitches- they look bumpy/messy

The picked up stitches are more than the pattern; I made the headband longer than called for because Ravelry photo of cap looks too tight. I decreased the picked up stitches gradually, but now I may go back and just knit straight from picked up stitches.

This is such an easy cable to make, testing o see if it is worthy of one of my new knitter's attempts...
Felted bowl, another test knit for my class of ambitious knitters. Felting will hide any mistakes.
Mermaid BoneyardI wear so much black, my outfits need a punch of color. This scarf in Noro was a vanilla knit over the summer, and now it is my lunchtime buddy.
Mermaid Boneyard, (I really need to re-think the name of this one, poor mermaids). While stash diving for yarn for Carrie's Scarf and I found this sock yarn bought oh so very long ago.(My middle daughter cath FBed me asking if I could make this... how can I say no? She joined Ravelry in order to pattern surf!)  I love my Noro Boneyard, but it's scratchy.... This yarn is so squishy, and the pooling issues I had while trying to make socks aren't such a big deal in the triangle shape.

Easy dishcloth, sample for knitting class
Dishcloth sample, more than half way done. I love trying these patterns to see if they will be ok for knit class. Easy knitting and I'm creating the pile of gift cloths that my sisters and my mum will fight over next holiday!

Classic Elite yarn won in a LYS contest.

Fuchsia One Row Lace scarf, I may not keep going with this one in the yarn I'm using, only have 190 yards, might not be enough. This is definitely a keeper pattern for gifts though. Cool stitch pattern, fast on 10 1/2 needles, easy peasy. The yarn needs to become a scarf to go with my new Pumas. Love!

Malabrigo Kaleidoscope, forgot I had this!

Flat top hat, not actually on the needles because I can't decide between the two yarn colorways. I'm sure I'll be up in pre-dawn hours casting it on.

As I proofed this post with pictures, I realized that everthing looks foggy, mustbe all the rain yesterday affecting the camera. Sorry. :(

Finally, I got my Coastal Knits book in the mail today and was soooo afraid to open it because the package was soaking wet. I was certain  I would have a waterlogged book, but Alana in her wisdom double enveloped the tome and it was dry and incident free. Oh my God, what a gorgeous book. It is really so beautiful. Can't wait to sit and savor each pattern and page and photo.


Crafty Intrigue said…
I really like the Coronet Hat. I just added it to my queue. I have the one row scarf and some similar dishcloth patterns in my queue.
FoFo said…
Wow girlie! You have a lot going on. Can't wait to see your finished projects!
Karen said…
You sure are busy! I knit a Tea Leaves. It's a beautiful sweater but I hardly ever wear it. The style just isn't flattering on me. I knit Coronet too and loved it. Mine was a gift and the recipient was very pleased with it.
Inky077 said…
Ditto with FoFo! How do you find the time? The cornet hat is on my needles and I am anxiously awaiting the book. Did you see the Chinese waves dishcloth pattern? I'm trying it out tonight - need a stash of dishcloths for hostess gifts, along with a nice bar of soap or some good lavender sachet.
Evelyn said…
So happy you managed to blog even though I know you were so tired. I think I need to step in here as your friend and do a little intervention. Over on my blog the other day, I mentioned feeling like a WIP hoarder -- you, my lovely friend, need to finish one of those projects on your needles before even daring to cast-on something new!! You are such a dynamo but you know that you will enjoy Coastal Knits more once you clear your plate!! I expect to see a FO soon on your blog. : )
Amy said…
Wow! That is a lot of do you decide which one to knit? I have issues with more than two at a time.

The Chinese Waves dishcloth is a lot of fun :) As is the plaid one on my rav page
Erin_in_Boston said…
I know this sounds crazy, but between the knitting class prep and antsy fingers, I have cast on a bunch. I like to have a couple of things going that I can take with me; I have a couple of car rides, meetings and other "idle hands" times coming up, plus I am inspired by stuff in stash that I forgot I had.
Wow, you have so much going on right now! Your yarn selections are quite lovely.

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