100% Wovember

What is Wovember???
Kate Davies has a new challenge for those of us that love wool, sheep and yarn. She asks that you celebrate 100% wool, wear 100% wool, read more about how wool is made, and then blog about any aspect of wool, including how the garment industry labels non-wool clothing as wool in their write ups. Read more here.

There is a petition you can sign which asks the manufacturing industry to be more forthcoming about the actual wool content on their labels. There is a competition you can enter; send in a photo that displays your love of wooly things to win prizes that include wool from Jamieson and Smith.

So wear wool, chat up the benefits of wool to Muggles, knit something in wool, go pet a sheep, llama or alpaca, and snap some pictures to submit!


Patricia said…
Clever idea! Hummmm...where can I find a llama to pet?
Evelyn said…
Love it -- I'm signing up ... once I get my power back on!! It actually came back on this morning just as I was leaving for work. Four nights of sleeping in freezing temps was no picnic although I now only have praise for flannel sheets! Can't wait to start blogging again tonight and catching up on everyone else's blogs. Thanks for letting me know about Wovember! xo

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