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The past week has been a whirlwind of activity in preparation for the Thanksgiving break. I must say I prefer the early release hours of high school, instead of getting out at 1:45, I was home and getting into holiday mode by 11:30! That included going to get the rental for our trip to Maine. I reserved an intermediate sized car, but due to circumstances beyond my control (thank you dear universe for intervening) I ended up driving this for the weekend. Luxury, smooth ride, awesome sound system, love driving new cars. It is the 2012 model and had only 3400 miles on it!!!!
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Scene of intense Turkey consumption, aka Jackie and Jim's
We loaded up and set off northward on Thursday morning and arrived at our destination at noon. Small gathering, excellent company, yummy spread of traditional food, tryptophan coma commenced at
4 PM. We lazed around for the rest of the day, and then on Friday got up early and went shopping at 8 AM. I indulged in two pair of shoes at Lamey Wellahan's traditional Black Friday sale. Look what I got! I splurged, I know. I also got a pair of patent leather clogs. Happy feet!!!!
Dansko Rylan boots, Lamey Wellahan

 After breakfast at Mister Bagel, I headed into Portland while Jackie and the girls went to Macy's. My destination was one of my favorite LYS when I am in Maine.
KnitWit Yarn Shop, Portland, Maine
I will save my story for another day, but I will tempt you with this.... photos and a brief interview with the owner to follow!

Onto FO Friday....

Suffice it to say I have become enamored of quick projects for a number of reasons, primarily stash busting but also because I have been searching for patterns that would be good for beginners or for someone with new skills who wants to make gifts for Christmas. As I search for and find these easy patterns, I can't resist casting on to make a sample (or a fast knit for the gift basket).

Here is what came off the needles this week.
Blue-green Keyhole Scarflett
 Blue Green Keyhole Scarflette, this design was chosen for some of the items I plan to sell at the school Holiday Fair in a few weeks. Easy pattern to knit, shows off the color flow of Homespun and stash busts another skein out of storage. I do think I will modify this though to make it longer so that it can be wrapped twice around.

 Gov'na Cowl in Cilantro. This is a pattern in process, through collaboration with Julie. Still working out the bugs of gauge and length, but it was quickly scooped up by one of my girls..... "Mine!!"

Autumn Reds Keyhole Scarflette
 Autumn Reds Keyhole Scarflette. This is another item for the Holiday Fair and another successful stash buster. Photo is one of project in process, taken early in the day before BO.

Sparkling Toasty mitts
Sparkling Toasty Mitts  Original pattern has two versions, with thumb or without. Another quick knit, stash buster and possible item for fair.
WinterMellow Headband
Wintermellow in Grey Alpaca. This is another of the same pattern, but with only one strand instead of two. Easy, quick, another skein outta the stash! Yay!

If you are nosy, or maybe looking for inspiration.... go to Tami's Amis and see what else has come off the needles this week!


Wow, you are stashbusting like crazy! Love the headband.
Evelyn said…
Okay, you must have been giggling when you got that car! Sounds like a lovely holiday weekend filled with a lot of favorite people and things to do. If we can only have more of those, right? Lovely knits, E -- hugs!
ewenique said…
I'm luvin' your boots! they're super cool.
Inky077 said…
I love these kind of posts from you - I feel like I am riding shotgun! :)

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