Squee Sunday #21

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Usually Squee Sunday is a post about something new, exciting or novel. Today I am beginning to think every Sunday will need to be a stash/squee post.

Glenna, of Knitting to Stay Sane had an interesting post this week called, Postcards from the Stash.
She has a beautiful defense for her stash in that it is like having a shelf of good books to read; some might be old favorites that you reread over and over, others might be collectibles, rare and precious. I enjoyed thinking about how true that analogy is, but I offer an analogy of my own.

I want to have a strategy for my stash, when it needs enhancing again... ahem, cough, cough. When I grocery shop, I always try to replenish the staples, ingredients for sauces, soups, pasts dishes. In yarn equivalents, that might be the workhorse yarns that I can count on to give me great results, occasionally I splurge on in ingredients for a new dish I want to try... in yarn, that might be something more unusual or hard to find or just too pleasant to pass up.

I spent the better part of this day going through three storage tubs filled with yarn. I took photos and updated my Stash page on Ravelry. And, even to all of my fibery friends, I am ashamed of the lot that I have amassed. I am afraid to calculate the yardage, and even more afraid to total the amount of money invested. (Here is where I breathe a huge sigh of relief that there is no Mr. Beantown to wag a finger at my extravagance...) As I unloaded all of the yarn, I came upon things I have no recall of ever buying. (Perhaps there is an  equivalent of the Tooth Fairy afoot?)

Here is just a bit of what I have stored away. I am going to highlight the sweater quantity stash today.
Cascade 220 Heathers. I plan to use this yarn to make Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston

Nashua Handknits Ivy, this was an eBay purchase. I don't know which sweater this will become.

Louis Harding Ca'd'Oro. I had been thinking of making a sweater out of Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits.

I don't know what I was thinking this could be, I just liked the color name... Fedora. Suggestions?

Cashsoft DK. This may become Cameo.

Classic Elite La Gran. I dream of replicating a cabled cardigan I had in high school.

Berroco Vintage, another eBay deal. I have no plans for this yet, but I have enough for a sweater and then some.

Bristol Yarn Gallery Ashton.

I have more sweater quantity stash to share but the camera battery died. I will have to try to get good pictures again next week.

As I was looking critically at the pile, I did notice I had a lot of green and rust colors, in the jewel tone spectrum. I need some help matching yarn to pattern and will use the Yarn tab on Ravelry to search for patterns. That is unless you have suggestions... lol.

So here is a challenge for my blogging friends. Would you write a post about your stash, how and where you store it, what's in it, or why some things have not become a FO? I love hearing about how other knitters shop for yarn at sales, or otherwise.  If you accept the challenge, leave a comment below with a link to your page. I think many of us would love to peek over your shoulder to see what's in your stash.

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Patricia said…
I have to admit reading this blog post was like being at an AA meeting. "I am powerless over my addiction to yarn...."
I have not succumbed to this yet. My stash consists of yarn "left over" from other projects and ONE bag of beautiful charcoal yarn for a sweater I intend to knit for myself after the holidays. But as I venture down the path of yearning for beautiful fibers, I am afraid of what lies ahead for me. Your stash is wonderful!!
kiwiyarns said…
Like you, I'm very happy I have no "Mr" to wag a finger at my excesses... although my kids are very good at being a replacement in that department!

I haven't talked about my 'stash' (I prefer to call it a yarn collection) for a while, and thoughts have been circulating in my head as to why it's a good idea to have a reasonable selection of yarn to hand. I love your analogy to a kitchen store cupboard. Good one!
Calophi said…
Yay stash! You've got some good stuff!

I love yarn. I should do another stash post soon. I did one way back for fingering weight but I have some new acquisitions now, and I need to make sure everything's in Ravelry.
grandmastatus said…
I love reading about what people have in their stash! I have a ton of stash, but won't be doing a post about it anytime soon because i'm afflicted with Child and he likes to pull my skeins out of their wrappers and tangle them into submission. It's too dangerous to take it out for anything like totaling up what I have.... Besides. I think I'd rather not know....
Evelyn said…
I'll definitely take you up on this challenge as I have a stash that I'm quite proud of. Rather than feel guilty about all the beautiful yarns that I have, I love knowing that I have some high-quality fiber that is just waiting for patterns to call them forward. I'll put my thoughts together soon and perhaps post after the Thanksgiving holiday. You've got some beauties in your stash.
Inky077 said…
I want to come shop at Erin's Yarn Stash!!!! Damn, son, you have some fine yarn right there!

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