Strolling and shopping Saturday

Here is a photo story of a morning spent on Newbury Street.  We headed there mostly so K. could return some things to the Forever 21 and partly because I wanted to scope out Newbury Yarns. Here are a few snaps of the sights along the way...
The vivid hues of fall came late this year.

Looking towards Prudential Center.

Colorful leaves snaking up brick walls.

Close up yellow and reddish hues.

As we headed towards down Newbury Street, I noticed a shop that had beautiful window displays. I asked K. what store it was... she just smiled knowingly and said, "You'll like it..." I walked into Anthropologie....and did not want to leave.... Here are just a few of the things I gushed over...

I love love love denim jackets and I am a sucker for anything with beadwork.

I so loved the colors in this skirt and the beading designs were gorgeous.

This capelet was a deep shade of red, with a pricetag of $288.00

We agreed that these would be nice replacements for the stockings we have been hating on for years. Question is... can I make four of them by Christmas?

I so loved the design ethic, the colors, the lighting, the merchandising and the objects themselves. Whoever is behind the brand has exquisite taste. I decide that I need to move into the shop, or get a job here.... so lovely!

After leaving the Anthroplogie store enraptured, we crossed the street to the new location of Newbury Yarns. I will return and do a more telling write up of my impressions.... but for now I will mention a few strong points: great lighting, nice wall displays full of colorful deep tonal colors, a few cozy places to sit and knit, and a friendly and helpful shopkeeper. More later, pictures too, if the shop owners will agree.

We then jumped on the Green Line and headed towards Windsor Button, where we picked up Cascade Heritage sock yarn for K and a new circular needle to replace the one I broke last week.  Saturday's weather was warm and sunny, and the time spent wandering and dreaming was great fun.

The latter part of Saturday I spent in the company of new friends.... I volunteered at a fundraising event for the Progeria Foundation. I have to say that the event was amazing, with over 400 people in attendance.  I believe over $200,000 was raised in the silent and live auctions.  I was inspired amazed by the dedication and hard work demonstrated by the organizers. I guess I never pondered the amount of organizing, planning and legwork that goes into such an event.  They used Bidpal, a new system for bidding on the various silent auction items using iTouch devices and software that allows bidders to see the current bids and to continue to compete for the must have prizes like a Fender guitar donated and autographed by Dave Matthews, a number of Bruins related items like a signed shirt, tickets to a game and a school visit by a group of players.  My favorite auction item was the premium tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert with a chance to meet and greet the band before the show. That raised over $3000 for the research foundation.

It was a long, but fun night. I met some wonderful people and I plan to volunteer again at the next event.


Evelyn said…
Anthropologie is one of my fave stores and if you haven't joined yet, there is a Rav group. It's so great that you volunteered at the fundrasier on Saturday night. When my kids were young, I spent countless volunteer hours organizing and working at events just like the one you described and it was always a community-building experience unlike any other. Glad you find this org to put your energies to (not that you need to find more things to do!). Lovely pics ... must visit sometime.
I love the fall foliage pictures! We have the leaves turning here in NYC, too. I also took some pictures on Saturday but deleted them by accident (d'oh!), so it is nice to see yours up.

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