WIP Wednesday #66

Work in Progress Wednesday #66
I have been away from my blog and have missed sharing with you the projects I have been working on. Last week was hectic with the lesson planning and paperwork necessary for my evaluation, lingering illness, adjusting to the fewer hours of daylight, and general mayhem.

Here is a list of what I have on the needles...

A few cotton washcloths for Thanksgiving and Christmas hostess gifts.

Big Button Hat, by Amy Duvendack. Image imported fromhttp://badamyknits.blogspot.com/2010/05/start-your-needles-hat-challenge.html
Big Button hat 
When I was stash diving, I found a couple skeins of Lion Brand Hometown. I bought this back when I didn't have my current addiction to wool, and I was all about using the 50% off coupon for the price break. The yarn knit up well but I am not sure how it will fare with repeated wearing.

I love the pattern, it was super easy to follow, she has plenty of eye candy samples of hats she made with gigantic pretty buttons..... and it's free!!

This hat was such a fast knit. I used big needles and super bulky yarn, so I would say two hours from cast-on to completion. My girls love the maxed out scale of the design.

Wintermellow Headband by Cheryl Murray ILOVESANDALS. Image imported fromhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wintermellow-headband---anthropologie-inspired  
Wintermellow Headband
Cath came home from college asking for a hat she had seen on campus. We looked through the patterns tab and she picked this style.  I had some left over Alpaca from a few Christmas' ago, so another stash busting project. I cast on using two strands of yarn. I like how thick and warm it turned but, but she has asked for another using only one strand. Casting that one on in cream.

She also liked this one, The Whitney Headband.
The Whitney Headband, by Jennifer Di Maria. Image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-whitney-headband

Weekend Hats
I recently succumbed to peer pressure and bought the new Weekend Hats by  Cecily Glowick McDonald. Everyone on Twitter had been talking about it and when I checked out the images, I was smitten. There are so many hats in this book that are interesting, innovative, and technically, a step away from normal construction, so it stays interesting. I was lucky to snag the last copy at the Windsor Button, only because it was in the window display.

Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson. Image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruche-beret
Fuschia Ruche hat
This hat is another stash buster.... wooohooo! I got the yarn in a gift bag at one of Stitch House's birthday parties, and it has never been enough yardage to make anything that I really wanted, plus the color is not exactly what I crave. But then I got a new pair of flats from Puma and I decided that I needed a hat to go with the outfit, so enter The Ruche Beret, by Susan B. Anderson. I love the construction and was making very nice progress on it until I snapped the Knitpicks circular I was using..... poo! So I have emailed to ask for a replacement... looove that they will do that!!!... and I did get a Susan Bates at Windsor to use til that arrives, but I haven't made much more progress.

Pinwheel Purse by Frankie Brown. Image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pinwheel-purse-4
Noro Pinwheel purse
Again, a stash buster and a cute idea for stocking stuffers if I can crank a few out. I am using Noro and wonder about felting it... not sure. the pattern doesn't call for it to be felted.

Chinook Scarf by Ali Green. Image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chinook-scarf

Butter Chinook Shawl
This is a Christmas gift and it was going along swimmingly until I realized I had a hole about 6" back. So I ripped all the way down to the mistake, fixed it, and began to knit again. I still haven't regained the ground lost. Lately, I have been making this type of mistake often; I am going to have to stop and spread my fabric out in search of mistakes more frequently. 

My other work in progress doesn't involve needles and yarn... I have been without plumbing for the past few days and the prognosis is dire.What started with a stripped hot water handle in the shower has been the can-opener to a full upgrade of the red brass pipes that were probably installed prior to WWI. Yup, that old. I haven't gotten an estimate yet, and I also need to have the main shutoff repaired, as it is frozen. Oh bother. Daunting to the finances to say the least!

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Yikes about the plumbing, and the various stashbuster projects sound fun.
Evelyn said…
I love all your WIPS and planned projects so I hope you get healthy soon and get some nice, solid downtime to knit in the coming weeks. Don't felt the little Noro purse -- I like the way it looks and can only imagine how yours will turn out. Sorry to hear about your naughty pipes. How frustrating.

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