10 Things You Have to Do Before Christmas

Thank you Peppermint Mocha Mama for giving me a topic to blog about today. I read through her ten and wish I could say we have more traditions  that we do. But anyhow, here's my list of ten:
  1. Get through two more days of school. Tomorrow will be our last day as a team until the new year so I plan to give my staff the small gifts I got them. For the kids, a small Santa hat with candy. Kinda Grinchy....? Sorry. We will be watching the Polar Express in the auditorium and then some light festivities. Thursday there are plans for one colleague to bring in her Wii to see how the kids interact with it.
  2. Mail. The. Cards. I haven't done cards (that got mailed anyway) in years, maybe 7 years (oh the shame). I wrote up all of them on Sunday, but forgot today and yesterday to mail them. Manana!
  3. Get gifts for my mom and dad.... I never know what to get them and because they love to eat out.... I may end up getting a gift card for dining. Not sure what other little trinkets I can find that won't be too pedestrian. What do you give people who really don't need things? I wish I could just devote more time to visiting them, but doing coupons for my time just seems so adolescent.
  4. Gifts for the siblings. We usually give each other something, not too big but a little sumtin sumtin.
  5. Bake some cookies and chex mix.
  6. Plan what we will eat for Christmas breakfast, shop and bake accordingly.
  7. Have a plan for Christmas Eve. I will be alone, the girls go to their dad's. Need a plan beyond drinking Bailey's and watching It's a Wonderful Life.
  8. Replace all of our gift wrap! The gift wrap container must have gotten moisture in it because the bottom six inches of all of the paper is damp and smells moldy. OMG! Yuck!
  9. Attend Christmas Eve Mass at 4 PM. One of the best liturgies of the year, the choir, the french horns, plus I do love seeing our church full!
  10. Rent a car for the weekend. Will need a car for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will be spending our first Christmas NOT in Maine and it will be different but I think we will all enjoy being together at  my sister's house where we will all be gushing over the new addition and kitchen they have put in. My parents will be there, and all but one sibling.
You know there are more than these ten things, but I think these are at the top of my list. Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Merry Christmas.


simplesavvy said…
I enjoy getting gift of the month clubs for parents, if I have the means to do so. I once bought my parents a "Pickled Vegetable of the Month Club," and my husband's parents a "Soup of the Month" club. They seemed to like it -- but then, we both come from food families. So there's that caveat.
Why not combine dining with your time and give them a coupon where you go out to dinner with them. My Mum loves that. She enjoys going out AND spending time with us.
Patricia said…
As a retired parent of independent adult children I can tell you that it is true there is nothing I "need." the greatest gift my children can give me is their presence and allowing me to share in their life. Often it is just the phone call to tell me that their washer broke or they saw this great movie or they are down 5 pounds on their diet that makes me feel connected to them and makes my day! I LOVE "adolescent coupons!"
Evelyn said…
Sounds like you have a mixture of nice things and chores but I just know you'll get them all done. Small suggestion about gift wrap: why not use kraft paper or white paper bags and decorate them? I love the way DIY wrapping looks and there's so many great ideas out there ... check out pinterest (I even have a page just for wrapping). xo

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