WIP Wednesday #71

It is Wednesday. I have had a hellish week. Stress at work due to a shortage of staff and an incident that will not be further described, but was extremely upsetting. Regret at missing a family Christmas dinner in Maine due to two of my college gurls having finals that took precedence. Delayed Christmas shopping in order to bake and create the stock sold at our Christmas Fair. Doldrums at the thought of power shopping.... I DO. NOT. ENJOY. SHOPPING.

I had two days of our Multi-Handicap Program's Christmas Craft fair participation. It went well. I made over $200.00 at our table and sold off a lot of the knitting projects I have been amassing of late. I had planned to give some as Christmas gifts, but the market bore the prices I set and off they went. I sold a half dozen scarves, a half dozen hats, and have commission orders for more to deliver after the Christmas school vacation.

I have been urged to put up an esty shop but I am reluctant because I don't relish the thought of demand knitting. I may try it and stock only what I want to work on as available for sale.

I wish I had had the time to snap photos of the things I sold but it was so hectic and so grey that I passed.

Here is what I've got on the needles.
Wintermellow Headband, Gaptastic Cowl
Wintermellow Headband. It was admired by a friend who asked if one could be whipped up to be given as a gift. Almost done.

Sinful Ribbed Scarf
Sinful Rib Scarf

Sinful Ribbed Scarf. This is a commission for a teacher at work who saw my Fall Leaves scarf and pleaded with me to make one for her. I am using Lamb's Pride Bulky- one of my staple yarns, bought at Windsor Button. It is an interesting and easy pattern, knit on size 15 needles, it goes quickly and the pattern is very easy to memorize. It is a cool construction in that the fabric is almost corrugated as you knit. I tried to capture the architecture of the ribs in the photo.

Image imported from project page-Herringbone Neckwarmer by Breean Elyse Miller
I fell in love with this peacock neckwarmer. Mine is actually being worked up in a wine color and I plan to use some wooden buttons for the closure ,but don't you just covet the flash of this FO? It is a very quick knit using Lion Brand Thick and Quick bulky yarn and size 19 needles. It may end up ensconced in gift wrap if I can finish it.
Herringbone Neckwarmer in Lion Brand Thick and Quick

Turquoise neckwarmer
Turquoise Neckwarmer
The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun and the color is a soft turquoise with gradations of sky blue and white. I cast on and am knitting garter stitch in hopes of having a mindless knit to squash some stress I have been dealing with over the past week. It will be a simple design, but similar to the Gap-tastic Cowl in length.

Butter Chinook

Butter Chinook  This scarf has been lingering on the back burner; it was meant to be a gift for Christmas but it may not be finished. Using Cascade Ultra Pima.

Berrocco Lustra, swatching for a hat.
I bought this hank on the advice of a friend, Julie, because I have had so much stress in the past few weeks. I have had my eye on this yarn at Windsor Button for a long time. I splurged and got this gorgeous color for a hat pattern. Swatching to see if my gauge will match a new hat pattern.

Thistle, by Liz Abinante.

Liz Abinante, of Traveling Woman shawl design, has a new hat pattern available for free until December 27. It is called Thistle and looks so delicious.


Patricia said…
I like the turquoise neck warmer...similar to the Roaming Rib Cowl I made for my daughter. I used pedestal buttons with it but i also like the effect of the ribbon closure!

Happy holidays!
FoFo said…
I'm sorry you had a bad week! I hope everything gets better.

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