Have I told you lately that I miss you?

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a stream of consciousness attempt to explain my absence.  watching stats and observing many visits to blog. absence of any kind of proper post. guilt feelings over no posts. thoughts of you readers.  hoping to chat you up on the latest this evening.

Friday... work at school, home to scramble a clean up before appointment, two hour visit from furnace expert to have proposal drawn up to replace boiler and convert from radiators to baseboard, dinner shop/prep for the family, then out to catch the T to MIT for Ignite Craft Boston event, on an empty stomach, growl. Bringing knitting, Fall Leaves Scarf II.

Large turnout......Presenters spoke of
making pie, specifically, pie crust, yum
of using egg cartons to build amazing mathematical spheres,
of sewing clothes with and without patterns,
of channeling creativity from wardrobe management in movie production to starting a yarn and sewing shop,
of becoming a tailor of custom clothing ... starting small and then evolving into something much larger in scope, at an enviable age of what? maybe 23????
of bees and genetics... brings back the memory of glazed eye response to science class lectures in high school, but funny,
of obtaining grant funding to replace basketball nets, crochet/making them, sponsoring community events to celebrate and drawing in other volunteers, playing b-ball
of becoming the purveyor of studio space for creative types, replete with machinery shared by all, growth in exponential "Baby" steps!!! push yourself to the limits and be afraid..... key motivators for such lofty success
intermission at Ignite, amazing food, large crowd, attempts at mingling, finding a familiar face, convo

Cold cold cold, windy windy windy, shiver shiver shiver, layer layer layer

Frequent prayers to the furnace gods to continue to provide heat from the aging dragon in the cellar

News of extended family member leaving home by ambulance, dx.... small (?really?) heart attack. prayers for recovery, for family, for my girls

On the stove... a massive pot of homemade tomato sauce, ravioli/spinach/sauce and mozzarella dish for supper... house smells of garlic and onions and tomatoes. why don't they bottle that for sale at the perfumery?

Knitting goals of completing a few projects... finished Gap-Tastic Cowl in short order, cast on a scarf for college girl to take back to school Wednesday, Bramble Cowl.... had 20" done, noticed two serious mistakes, tinked back, re-knit, still not right.... frogged and began again.... 30" done and nearly ready to bind off
Badgering requests for fingerless mitts from my kittens, chilly house, sleeping with hats on...

Nineteenth birthday preparations, festivities, drama, shopping, gift buying, gift returning, gift wrapping

Dinner out for five, low key, ice cream cake at home, gift opening, some success

Got my Blog Hub Yarn Swap partner info, lurking and taking notes for the packages I must prep. Seven packages to opened over a week, must find things that spur worthy blog posts....

End the weekend with Moonstruck in the DVD, nestled under stacks of down comfort, drop into the pool of sleep, awaken to slushy mess at 5:30, getting up to make porridge and a lunch, pulling on Bean Boots and hat, coat, muffler, and gloves, soon to leave for a day's work


FoFo said…
Sounds like a very interesting weekend!
Patricia said…
Did someone say life could be boring! Sounds like life is in session for you. LOVE Moonstruck! Kitchen scene...where father tells her to go into the kitchen and sit down, I want to talk to you (all important Italian conversations take place sitting around the kitchen table!) Hope you all stay warm.

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