Independence and do-it-yourself skills

We are a house of women. I have tried hard to raise my girls in the model of the Little Red Hen... Who will help me re-glaze the storm windows? Who will help me strip rooms of wallpaper from the 50s? Who will help me dig out the car in a snowstorm? No takers? Then I'll do it myself..... My daughters  have proven that they are capable, motivated and resourceful. I am a proud mum.

Here is a photo story of how my girls applied what they have learned in the school of "I'll do it myself" as they spent the weekend fixing up our spare bedroom.
Third floor bedroom before clean up and new paint.
Rearrangement of furniture, new paint, window treatment.
The color is a periwinkle blue, knee wall is a coffee with cream color. Carpet is a sandy beige. The before photo didn't show it, but the floors are old, wide pine, in poor condition. Some day I hope to have them sanded and polyurethaned. Then an area rug will be all that is needed and the wood can be showcased.
The periwinkle blue is a bit washed out in this shot.
Knee wall in coffee with cream tone.
I love this antique oak dresser that I found at a yard sale.
With bed moved to window wall, there is more floor space.
We have been told that this door is from the late 1800s.
The medallion to the left of the window was formerly a gas light fixture.
The girls surprised Anastasia with their handiwork. She was away for the weekend and returned to a transformed room.


Evelyn said…
I am beyond impressed! You have amazing daughters but, hey, they have an amazing mother.
goodpurlgonebad said…
I used to love that book, especially at the end when she gets to eat the bread All By Herself. Good for you for raising such competent, confident and creative daughters.
FoFo said…
It is absolutely lovely!!!

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