Make it Monday

I have to share two finished objects with you! I am excited to finally have my Nigh Duck bag properly attired with handles, a magnetic closure and feet. The bag has been sitting next to my crafting area looking forlorn because I never ordered the leather straps pictured in the pattern. I had been hunting my LYS (when I remembered) but nothing ever looked like a good match. Then, I found all of this hardware at Stitch House on Saturday. For $12.00 I now have a bag that looks pretty darn good. Tell me if you agree!
Nigh Duck Bag

These little feet will protect the bag and are easy to install.

Nigh Duck is made of Debbie Stoller's Full of Sheep Wool.

My other finished object is the Welted Cowl by John Brinegar. Let me say one thing that I learned while  making this cowl. Because I have been a seamstress in the past, I appreciate the various weights and densities of fabric when choosing material for a pattern. In knitting, I have discovered that some stitches also create a distinct "fabric". Welting is just bands of garter and stockinette stitch, but what happens is this luxurious collapsing and draping. The yarn also contributed to the drape of this cowl, but now I really want to go back to the Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010 article that John wrote about welting and see where I might be able to apply it to a favorite pattern.
John Brinegar's Welted Cowl in Lion Brand Homespun.

The dimensions are approximately 36' long and 12" wide.

The other "Making" that I have happening is that tonight, I will be convening a group of knitters from my neighborhood at our branch library. I am hoping to increase the circle of fanatic knitters in my zip code!


I agree - the bag looks great!
Evelyn said…
Wow, E -- your bag came out beautifully!!! I'm so happy you've finished it. Lovely details.

And have fun tonight! xo
witchyknits4ewe said…
Wow - the bag is gorgeous!!! Love the cowl too!
FoFo said…
I love your bag!!! The handles and the little feet are great! I like your welted cowl, the color is great.
Inky077 said…
Ingenious little detail about the feet for the bag - looks sharp and is practical, too. I am so jazzed about your upstart knitting group. I haven't found a knitter'group around here yet that I'm comfortable in. This may be a possible solution for me as well.
goodpurlgonebad said…
That is such a pretty bag! I love the colour and the cabling especially. The little feet are so useful - they are very common on bags here, possibly because of our constant rain. The cowl is lovely too, great colour and texture. Enjoy your knitting group!

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