WIP Wednesday #75 and Recent eBay finds

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If you recall in past posts, I like to troll eBay for vintage knitting needles, good deals on yarn and books.

This past week I was looking to replace my cross body Coach bag. Not because it is worn or damaged, but because I love the size of it, the styling, and the brand.  Here is a picture of my black one. It was given to me by my sister Jacqueline who knew my love of small bags.  Her husband had given them to her probably 15-20 years ago.
My current Coach bag, I love the size, and the length of the strap.
Another view  of my black Coach cross body.
This Coach bag is a dark green color and is larger than my bag. I found it on eBay for $26.00.

This Coach cross body is actually saddle color. It is petite in scale, but the strap is about 18" long. This one was $19.99.
This little wristlet was a Christmas gift. Thanks, Cath!
So I have increased my collection of bags, and now eBay is off limits for awhile. I do confess that I love looking at some of the other more expensive vintage bags, but I will refrain from making any bids..... I promise...

As for works in progress....
Fall Leaves Scarf
I also have the Cream Bramble Cowl going, a cream Brattleboro hat, and a Darkside Cowl. I have a number of other things that I am anxious to cast on, but will hold off. I am hoping to get at least two of these done by Friday. My work in progress list is now ten items long. Must cut that in half!


Evelyn said…
I have a beloved Coach bag, too, that the kids found at our local thrift shop in excellent condition for a smidgen of the market price -- I adore it. Your new bags are so wonderful ... I would enjoy carrying each one. Nice collection of WIPs you've got going. Knit faster (only kidding). xo
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thanks Evelyn. I know many people think leather is not cool, but I apologize, I love having a good leather bag. Plus watching the auctions and snagging the bags that I crave is entertaining.
I also bought a set of "Crystal" knitting needles from France, but they were not as exciting once I got them.Crystal in french translates as plastic ={ LOL
Please tell me that at least your projects fit in those bags lol. Because then the purchase is justified in my book :).
Alanna said…
Hopefully you'll model one on Friday night at Ignite Craft!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Marie, I can fit a project into my small Coach crossbody when it is in the beginning stages, but not after a few inches are completed. I have been scouting the larger Coach totes, but the price is too rich for my "pin money" budget. Any extra cash will be going to yarn and not a larger bag. LOL

Alanna, I plan to look for you at Ignite Craft tonight and will be sporting one of my recent FOs. I hope to get a blog post up about the wonderful presentations featured at this event.
Inky077 said…
I want you to shop on Ebay for ME, lol! I love those small crossbody bags from Coach. I still have the one my parents gave me - the Dinky Bag, it was called. I don't think it would fit a knitting project though. I'm going to Ebay next! Thanks, Erin, lol!
Inky077 said…
PS Do you know the "name" of your current bag? I would love to find one that shape as well.
SimonSimple said…
Ah Ebay! I am also completely banned from that and all other shopping sites until February! The bags look lovely!

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