Saturday Shopping

I have not been posting my usual WIP Wednesday and FO Friday blog entries. I'm not sure why, maybe I am just out of sync after the holidays. Here is a snapshot of my day.

The weather today was unseasonably warm, in the high 50's. The sun was shining and everyone seemed to be out jogging.  Sporting a light jacket and no hat!, I set out on an adventure and traveled by T to Dorchester to Stitch House, one of my favorite LYS. 
Stitch House, Dorchester, MA Image imported from
Back before Christmas my name was pulled for a prize, but I never made it over to pick up my swag before today.  Annissa is a smart shop owner, because you know I shopped and got more than just my prize, right?

I love visiting this store because it is always abuzz with creative folks doing their thing. Today, in the back portion of the shop, about 10 women were working on cutting out pattern pieces for a sewing class. In the front of the shop a woman had dropped in for a bit of help learning how to work with four DPNs while making a sock. The women that work here are so patient, encouraging, and confidence inspiring. Plus, I must mention that they order in the more scrumptious pizza for lunch.... yum!

There were a few of us browsing, selecting, and buying goodies for projects. I had come over seeking additional skeins of Online 231 Linie Filz Wool. (I have been diligent about stash bustin, but I might need to redefine what stash busting means because I have been using stash for patterns that require me to buy more for the projects I've chosen.) Unfortunately, they don't carry this line anymore, so I might end up using my two skeins (only 55 yards each) to make fingerless mitts or a headband.

Ongoing Markdowns
Annissa always has goodies in the markdown baskets, but I was thrilled to find di Ve' Fiamma on sale. I have a very long garter stitch scarf that is coveted by a few colleagues at work, one of whom commissioned a scarf if I could get more of the yarn. I was able to get 6 balls at $3.50 apiece. Yeah! Mission Accomplished!!
di Ve' Fiamma, super bulky wool
I also scored on some Nashua Handknits Geologie. This yarn is a variegated fall colorway, burnt orange, brown and green. I got six balls of this yarn for $5.00 each. I want to make a cowl or jumbo sized scarf to go with my new wool coat. I wonder about whether this yarn would work up in the Liesl cowl? Any advice from those of you who are good at subbing yarns?
Nashua Handknits Geologie
She also had Noro Iro on sale and there was plenty of this in many different colors. I wish I had a sweater in mind, but I did not buy any of this yarn. I think it was only $8.00 a skein, which normally retails for $18.00. They had a number of sweater quantity bags of ten skeins, unopened.

The swag I picked up is two Debbie Bliss magazines and a Creative Knitting, November 2009. I have the two Debbie Bliss magazines in my library... so I will share with whomever contacts me first.....if you would like me to mail you one or both, private message me your mailing address at my Ravelry account, (19vesperstreet).
Debbie Bliss, Fall/Winter 2009
Debbie Bliss Spring 2011
I also finally found handles to put on my Nigh Duck Bag, made last spring during a Blog Hub Swap Challenge. I will post photos as soon as I sew them on!

After leaving Stitch House, I made my way to the train back into the city. I headed to Windsor Button to get more Homespun yarn for my Welted Cowl. This stash buster is nearly done, and now that I will have extra yarn, I will make either a hat or mitts to use it up. Another stash busting attempt thwarted.

Snappy Hat by Corrina Ferguson

I also picked up some natural Lamb's Pride worsted wool for a hat I am making for one of my daughter's friends. I know many of you live to knit with Berroco Alpaca or Quince, but this yarn is my favorite staple fiber. It is a pleasure to knit with, it holds up well to wear and washings, and it isn't that expensive.... well, $9.00 is a lot, but it is good wool. My whole sense of sticker shock for yarn expenditures continues to evolve.

So, since I can't reach my knit friends to share my day's adventure, I wrote it up here for you to read. Share your thoughts on what would be a good pattern for the Geologie yarn if you are so inclined. And message me if you would like one of the Debbie Bliss magazines.


Dorothy said…
Oh I could go absolutely crazy in that shop !!
FoFo said…
What a neat shop! I really like the fall colored yarn you got, it's beautiful!!! You sound like you are going to be very busy, can't wait to see what you make!
Inky077 said…
Love the Di.Ve yarns! I use the Autunno for a multi-directional wrap/stole - am thinking the Fiamma would make it go a bit faster and the colors are just gorgeous. Am so going right over to Rav via your linky and downloading that snappy hat! I have some Lamb's Pride Bulky I haven't cast on yet. Thanks for such good suggestions. Seems like you had a happy day just loafin'!

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