Thinking Thursday

I had been happily knitting away over the Christmas school vacation and got a lot done. Now that I have returned to school,  the demands of the day have preempted the projects I had going. In my frustration at not having the energy and time to work on things on the needles. I got to lurking around on Ravelry's Top Patterns list. Here is what got added to my favorites. Also Jared Flood released Wool People II and the patterns are stupendous. Check it out here.

I like these patterns for a variety of reasons, but my goal today is to share images and not so much text. Easier on the eyes. Leave me a note as to which ones you might queue.

Array by Shibui Knits
Clemence by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Fuse by Veronik Avery
Winnowing by Bristol Ivy
Beanpole Beanie by Rachel Weaver
Cabled Pullover by John Brinegar
Helmet Hat by Deborah Newton


Patricia said…
I had to smile at your last photo. In Dec. I stopped into a new LYS in the small town of Macomb, IL. We were there for the funeral of my sister-in-law. I was telling the owner about the Big Button hats I was knitting and she whipped out the Vogue magazine that had this pattern in it! I think it is lovely!
FoFo said…
I like Clemence and Fuse. Both very nice and something I would wear.
Evelyn said…
Great minds think alike ... I, too, drooled over Wool People 2 and recently queued Array. When can we start knitting (non-stop) again??
i love them all !!! thanks for joining in thursdays thoughts. your blog is now linked up .xx

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