WIP Wednesday 76 and more eBay finds!

WIP Wednesday... visit Tami's Amis for more eye candy!
I have been a bad girl! I promised myself that I would avoid any more yarn expenditures for a while, but I couldn't resist the buys I found here. I won three skeins of Cascade 220 worsted in Italian plum for 15.00 and 2 skeins of Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca in Potting Soil for $12.00. There were two other lots that I had been bidding on, but lost.
I have become so enamored of hand knit hats lately and that is what I hope to use these skeins for.

On the Needles... WIPs

Cream Bramble Cowl- nearly finished... this pattern made me want to cry... only because I couldn't read where I was in the pattern, would make a mistake, frog back and still not succeed. I ended up frogging the whole thing, and then sat and studiously whipped the pattern into submission!

Cream Brattleboro Hat- again, nearly finished. This was to be a stash buster, but I ran out of yarn and need to get to the store for another ball. I love love love this pattern and how quickly it works up. Who knew how much one could love moss stitch?

Brulee Scarf for Cath-this is in the early stages. It's just garter stitch but I modified the pattern and gave it applied I-cord edging. The color matches Cath's Christmas coat perfectly. Hoping to have it finished by the time she comes back home from college in a week or ten days.

Fall Leaves II-this one is at the halfway mark. I brought it to Ignite Craft Boston and got so much done. Again, just garter stitch, but the wool is so stunning that it works. I am making this on commission for a woman at work.

Waiting to be cast on....
I must get some more items off my in process list before I can begin anything else! But here is what I am pining for....
Escargot, by Veronica Parsons, Knitty Deep Winter, 2011. Image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/escargot

Escargot in Berroco Lustra, color is a dark rust shade.
Coronet in cream. I may modify the cable in some way and the next hat will be on a larger needle and will fit a tad more loose at the cable edge.
Textured Hat by Simona Merchant-Dest, image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/31-textured-hat.
This hat intrigues me because of the way the stitch patterns revolve around the crown. I may or may not meet the challenge of this new collection of techniques.


FoFo said…
Wow you have been busy and you have some lovely ideas! Can't wait to see what yo make!
JNCL said…
OMG! That Escargot pattern is just to DIE for! Absolutely gorgeous.
The Beauty of Eclecticism
Ginny said…
Love the cowl pattern. And looking forward to seeing the finished textured hat. What colour are you going to do it in?
Evelyn said…
You just bought two of my favorite yarns -- Cascade 220 and Ultra Alpaca! What amazing prices ... you scored big time, girlfriend!
I'm glad you're fighting it out with the bramble cowl - it looks great so far!
Knittymama said…
How did I miss that escargot pattern in Knitty? It's beautiful!
Inky077 said…
I agree, Knittymama! Such an unusual, but simply chic, design. What yarns are you looking to try for this pattern?

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