A birthday away

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On Thursday, my oldest daughter will be celebrating her 24th birthday. Just a little over a month ago my youngest had her 19th birthday. My middle daughter has a summer birthday, but she is now 21. How did these little cherubs evolve into accomplished young women? When they were small, so many older, wiser mothers would smile benevolently and murmur, take lots of pictures, it goes by in a flash. So true, so very true. Those cuddly nuggets of sweet smelling baby hair and sticky fingers are gone. Bedtime stories, huddled together, with one head in particular blocking our view, are distant but fond memories. My girls have tested their wings and can fly free with the knowledge and confidence of maturity. They make me proud, they make me smile, but they also make me a bit wistful that we can't resurrect those days when there was no desire to leave my side, playing together with the many toys they had was sufficient, nothing interrupted our flow of creativity and wonderment. They were too young to venture out with friends, so our circle of four was intact and we were content.

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So, on Thursday, half an ocean away, my oldest will awaken on her 24th birthday in a place that is remote, otherworldly, and foreign. She and her college friends, on a bit of a whim, have planned a trip to Iceland. They have an itinerary that includes scuba diving near tectonic plates, climbing a glacier, watching the aurora borealis, and absorbing what life is like in Reykjavik. I am pleased that she has the means and the know-how to fulfill this dream, envious because I have often dreamt of traveling to this unique place in nature. So this evening they will begin their adventure, flying from Logan into the morning of tomorrow. Have fun, be safe, remember there's no place like home.

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Patricia said…
I loved reading this post, Erin. You echo many of my own sentiments regarding my 3 grown sons. Such is the bitter-sweetness of life. Congratulations to you and your daughters.
Evelyn said…
Happy birthday to your lovely girl ... beautiful post, E. Amazingly enough, my girlfriend just whisked her two teenage daughters to Iceland this week, too!! It must be THE place to go. Wish we both were there, too! xo

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