FO Friday #72

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These FOs are a collection of things that I finished recently but haven't blogged about.

Cream Brambles
I must say I enjoyed this one. The stitch was a totally new one and I love the architectural quality of it. It is an easy pattern, and because I used size 17 needles and Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn, it was speedy! My girls have absconded with this cowl, too. Oh, and there is a hat pattern to match if that's more your cuppa tea.
Cream Gap-Tastic Cowl
Ok, this is probably the fourth one I have made since December. The first time I used this pattern, last year, it was interminably long and cumbersome to knit. This year, moss stitch and seed stitch lull me into my happy place. I find this pattern is vanilla knitting and because the girls all want one, I have been diligent and can crank them out in quick time.
Snappy Cap and Gap-Tastic Cowl
Snappy Cap
This set was a Christmas gift for Anastasia. The hat is made of Lion Brand Thick and Quick using size 10 1/2 needles. I will make this hat again and I like the cabling. It has a structural quality in yarn of this weight and it is very warm. A quick knit and great gift!
Brattleboro Hat from New England Knits
Cream Brattleboro
This is my second Brattleboro. The first I gave to Catherine, and she took it away to college. This means I can't steal it, so I made one for me. Have you heard of any other knitter's raving over this pattern? I read a about it in a few blogs in the fall, and because they sounded so enamored of the pattern, I had to try it out for myself. It is easy enough to knit and quick, but there is just something magical about how it works up. Not to mention it creates a super showcase for vintage buttons.
Fall Leaves II
I have this scarf and whenever I wear it to school, I have people asking me to make one for them. I lucked out at Stitch House, and found some skeins (on sale!) and made this up for Lucy. It is a simple garter stitch that highlights the thick and thin quality of the yarn.
Maroon 5 Gap-Tastic Cowl
Another? I know.... but they make up quick and the kids here expect them, so what can I say? Plus, I must confess, I want to empty my yarn baskets of the Lion Brand stuff leftover from Christmas knitting so that I can get to the good yarn that is waiting in the wings!

Charlestown Chix with Stix
Monday Night 6-8 PM Charlestown branch of Boston Public Library

Not actually a knitting project, but a knitting ambition that has become a reality. I have hoped for company and inspiration, and through Ravelry (of course!) my hopes have come to fruition. If you are interested in joining, please come and bring your projects, ideas and questions. (It isn't a knitting lesson group, but if you want to learn, I will sit with you and get you started.)

There was a post on Boston Yarn Party's forum asking for knitters near Charlestown. The Charlestown branch of the Boston Public Library has been willing to give us a spot every Monday night from 6 to 8 PM in the Children's section. We now have a date, and a place, and a great group of women who show up with their projects and lively conversation. Who knows where this might lead? There have been mentions of roadtrips to Rhinebeck and WEBs,  and maybe even Stitches or Squam Lake in the future.

Purl Diva, Brunswick Maine

If you were here earlier and have returned to access the coupon code.... I have removed the link because the code doesn't work anymore. I apologize, profusely..... so sorry

I was reading Purl Diva's FB page (of Brunswick, Maine) and she had this link to an interesting interview by SouleMama. Read about Fiber Company and follow the link to get a pattern from their collection.
Do you want to see which pattern I chose? Now, to go scope out some Fiber Company Canopy, I wonder which color will be best?
Olmsted, by Jennie Ujiie. Image imported from
Olmsted, by Jennie Ujiie


FoFo said…
Nice FO's. I will have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing!
FoFo said…
I picked out a lovely cardigan myself. Can't wait to make it.
Affiknitty said…
All your projects look great! I need to do a catch up post too. Thanks for the link to the Fiber company.
Evelyn said…
That's so great that you've started a knitting group at your local library -- yay! I so wish I could join you but the commute would be kinda painful, huh? Lovely FOs, as always.
erin said…
you've been busy! everything looks so cozy and warm, all lovely gifts =)
Wow you have been busy. Those cowls look lovely, very cosy and warm
Erin_in_Boston said…
I have been told that the link and coupon code are no longer displayed at SouleMama's blog page.

I apologize and ask that you try again later today, plus perhaps leave a comment on her blog page.

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