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Making Monday is a meme created by Natalie of Yarn Yard. I have linked to this topic in the past when I had cooked something or knitted something, but for today, I want to share something different that I have fostered the growth of.

Charlestown Knitter's Group
Monday evenings, 6-7:45 PM
Boston Public Library
Charlestown Branch

In the past month I have successfully, with help from my new friends, made one of my dreams come true. As a lone knitter, I have longed for the company of someone who enjoys knitting in the rabid manner that I do. I wanted to see what projects occupied their needles, where they found their inspiration, what help they might lend when I get stuck. Mostly, I just wanted to hang out in the company of people who spoke the language of creativity and and anything knit related.

I now anticipate Mondays like a kid anticipates the arrival of summer vacation.  A group of us meet in the Children's section, and sit and knit, and chat about a wide range of topics. We have only been getting together for a month, but we now have a core group that shows up each week.

We are knitters of hats, baby blankets, unending swaths of mohair shawl in the works, sweaters, and  vanilla (mindless, easy to do while yapping) projects. We come from varied backgrounds; some of us work, others are happily ensconced on the throne of retirement. We are native to Charlestown or newly arrived. We share a love of fiber, and to different degrees, an addiction to creating with wool and needles. And we love to talk.

The topics of discussion have ranged from experiences at work, tales from family life, and even the history of education in general and of Boston in particular. We catch each other up on the current state of affairs. My new friends sat by my side as I fielded a troubling phone call from my daughter.  They sympathized with the bad news that I had received, and tonight they commiserated with the consequences of the whole debacle. It was affirmation in action. I don't feel like such a lone wolf now. They knit, they listen, and they sympathize. What more could a girl ask for?

They also are quick to disclose personal info, such as favorite yarns, designs and knitting snafus. One week we heard of a podcast that discussed taking control of one's knitting and allowing things to be frogged with diminished guilt.

Another session included info found while trolling Ravelry, and Knitty, and other related blogs. Recent developments include possible road trips to Freeport, Maine for NETA's Spa Knit and Spin Retreat Weekend. The Facebook page shows that there are a number of activities people are eager to attend. Another, more local event, is the Common Cod's Fiber Camp. I am hoping to get a number of friends to attend that one with me over the weekend of March 9-11.

Some of the queries of my new friends include, "Where do you shop for yarn?"  Some of the shops mentioned include Windsor Button, Mind's Eye, Stitch House, Wild and Woolly, Another Yarn, and Yarns in the Farms. Further afield, other shops mentioned include Purl Diva, KnitWit, WEBS, Kaleidoscope Yarns, Lady Bug, Butterfly Yarns, Coveted Yarns, and Sit n Knit.

Other things I have inquired include "How much are you on Ravelry?", "Who taught you to knit and when?" Each individual is quick to share and the stories are illuminating and inspiring. The peripatetic ebb and flow of conversation is refreshing and informative. Often, there are numerous "convos" going on around the circle and my nosey ear wants to absorb all that is going on around me! This beats sitting at home, alone, listening to books on tape!

Tonight our meeting coincided with the library's monthly book club. As women ascended the stairs, they approached our group and assessed that we were not the book club. A few acknowledged that they had heard there was a group of knitters meeting at the branch. Others lingered and checked us out; we encouraged them to return with their current WIPs (works in progress) and a friend. Who knows how large our circle might become?

Please, if you are in the area and would like to be a part of this lively group, know that you and a friend are welcome to join us. Bring your knitting and enjoy the company of other like minded friends.


Lisa said…
I would love to join you on Mondays. I really don't have any kind of a knit group near me in Brockton and would also love to meet with like minded knitters. Getting into Cambridge after work each week would be difficult. I'm sending you a PM on Ravelry for more info.
FoFo said…
Sounds like an absolutely lovely time. I wish there was something like that here where I am. Mostly they meet in yarn stores and you can only bring projects made from yarn you purchase there, I can't afford the yarn in the yarn store. Maybe I'll have to start a group myself. I know there are several of us that enjoy the craft.
Anonymous said…
I, too, look forward to our Monday group of knitters. It's easy, uncomplicated, and enlightening! Thanks for pulling us all together, Erin, in the name of knitting! See ya on Monday! Donna O'Brien
Sarah said…
What a nicely written summary of our newborn community! I'm so glad to have a new excuse to leave the house during the week and I too look eagerly await Monday evenings. It's so nice to have a group of friends who knows what I am doing and doesn't just look at me curiously. It amazes me constantly that such an age-old craft is regarded with such surprise when people take part! Who doesn't love to create?

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