My Blog Hub Yarn Swap box has arrived!!!

I have been awaiting the arrival of this package with impatience.... Thanks PeatMoss83!!!

Blog Hug Yarn Swap Day 1

I got it! My package was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon. Imagine my excitement, and on top of a box of goodies for me, it is snowing here in Boston.... finally! Colleagues at work were debating whether or not we stood a chance of getting tomorrow as a snow day. I have yet to even go check out the weather because I was spilling out the contents of my box and sorting through the spring green and aqua wrapped packages to snap a picture and open gift number one.

Spring colors and hand written notes.

It is a white bag like those I remember from the penny candy days. The label reads, "Something for your sweet tooth!". I peek into the bag and see a cluster of chocolates from a place called Trecaso's Mary Coyle, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and Fine Italian Cuisine.  Hmmmm, this is such a good fit, sweets, old school ice cream AND italian food? Andrea included a menu and I'm torn between ordering the Eggplant parm, ( my favorite) or the Spaghetti ad aglio e olio ( spaghetti with garlic and olive oil). On the back is a list of the yummy ice cream flavors and a beverage called Phosphates, soda water mixed with cherry, lime, strawberry, etc. I'll have one of those too.

A handwritten note, a menu and two postcards.
But, as usual, my imagination and enthusiasm get ahead of me. Truth be told, I have eaten three of these delicacies, and they are a beautiful blend of chocolate and caramel, they look like they might be hand dipped.

The tiny bit I can tell you about my swap buddy is that she is from Ohio, and she writes a blog called Life on Laffer. She lives in Akron, has two dogs, and her Ravelry page says she has four original designs!

Thank you Andrea. I am off to peruse the blog, project pages, and pattern designs of my swap buddy. More tomorrow. (Cheshire cat smile, chocolate, bliss).


Andrea said…
Hooray! I'm so glad it finally arrived! The candy from Mary Coyle is hand made locally and is super delicious. They also are voted Best Red Sauce in Akron almost every year. The place is super yum!
FoFo said…
What a nice gift!!!
Evelyn said…
Yippeeeee! What fun ... and to start with yummy chocolates? Can't go wrong there. I've read Life on Laffer in the past so it's such fun to see what you've all been up to.
Voie de Vie said…
Hooray - and chocolate and caramel! A nice way to end the day.
Vivianne said…
Chocolate and snow - perfect :-)
pinkundine said…
Lovely gift, and I love how the parcels are wrapped - so cute :)
That place sounds so good! I love the colors of the wrapping

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