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So  many beautiful fabrics to pick from. It was hard to narrow it down to just one, maybe a patchwork project?

What is it about a local yarn shop (LYS)? Are you lucky enough to live near one that has great atmosphere, helpful staff, knowledgeable instructors, great assortments of work horse yarns as well as yarns that we all covet.... (Can you say Madelinetosh)???  I enjoy the welcome I get when I enter, their genuine interest in what I have in my project bag, and helpful advice when I get stuck. Stitch House is a bit like the bar Cheers, when you enter, they greet you by name and make you wish you had never left.

Friday I went to Stitch House's Knit Night with a new friend I made at our Monday Charlestown Library knitters group. I have a feeling that my new pal, Ms. L., will be great company; she is thoughtful, knowledgeable, knits with abandon, even on challenging projects, and acts as an enabler when out in the LYS.   Maybe not a great thing for my budget but what fun we will have!

Maybe you aren't aware that Stitch House has a Friday night knit group. The deal is you show up with some WIP or plans to start a new one.  You can bring wine or any other beverage, cheese or crackers, or fruit. You sit, you knit, you chat, and some nights you order out from a nearby Mexican take out place. It is good fun, inspiring, and friendly.

This particular Friday we arrived ahead of most of the others, and so we soaked up all the beautiful displays, squeezed new yarns, browsed the plentiful assortment of books, oogled the array of Amy Butler fabrics, buttons, and finished projects. Here is what it looked like.

Hello hats! This is where we found the hat we couldn't leave behind. It is the one on the left.
Braided Swirl Tam

Jojoland, Fantasia. Hat pattern requires one skein.
There are many sizes and types of needles in stock. I got a pair of AddiClicks. Now I know what people are raving about, in love with the cable which doesn't kink, the tips which are just the right degree of sharpness, and I got a 47" cable in size 8, the needle I use most often.
Just one section of the Madelinetosh yarns. I got Celadon for a baby sweater.
Cascade Yarns are in plentiful supply, as are the books. Why wait for Amazon to deliver?
Shiny, fancy yarn with sequin and beads woven in.
I wanted this scarf too, maybe I'll get it during the Red Line Yarn Crawl?
This mohair scarf is made with beads; the drape of it is stunning.
There are so many samples to inspire you, in case you need an idea of what to make.

Piega, Shibui Knits
This cowl is constructed of two rectangles that are braided by pulling them through openings knit into the design.

Ms. L. and I fell for this cowl, as well as the Braided Swirl Tam. The unique construction and the swishy yarn were irresistible. Look for these projects on my posts in the near future.We both succumbed to the effects of yarn fumes and purchased yarn, pattern and needles. This is why I get up and go, albeit reluctantly, to work each day; I need to be able to shop......


Evelyn said…
What a great Friday night!! I love the scarf with beads ... just gorgeous.
laknitter said…
A very fun night indeed!! New friends who speak the knitting language, new yarn and new patterns and ideas abound! Looking forward to many more!
Becky McLaughlin said…
I definitely need to make that cowl! And probably the hat too, lol. I think I'll have to make a trip to Stitch House before I leave town on Sat...
Erin_in_Boston said…
Evelyn, I need to go back and see what pattern that is, and what yarn...

laknitter- we have been having so much fun getting acquainted. We've decided to do one night as a restaurant event. There are so many great places to choose from here.

Becky, the cowl pattern name is Piega from Shibui Knits and the construction is very interesting. Two rectangles that have openings knit into the center area, through which you pull alternating fabric to create braid.

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