To the Post Office Tuesday.... Mailing my Blog Hub Swap Box

The Blog Hub discussion starts here.
If you read this blog, you may recall my mention of another Blog Hub Yarn Swap. The members participating number 18 and about half have received their packages, opened and blogged about them.

We agreed to answer a number of questions, create a wish list of sorts, and then in turn spend $40.00 on the contents of a box of gifts for a stranger. One item had to be 100 grams of yarn, another had to be a pattern we think our partner might like, and lastly, we had to include a packet of local flavor. In total we are shipping seven packages which will be opened one per day and then blogged about. I have enjoyed reading the posts of the members who have received their boxes. Packing this box has been a lot like how I pack for vacation.... once the seven items were decided on and wrapped, I kept finding other things I felt should be added in. My partner may be the one who has more items to post about than others. I apologize in advance......
My collection of packages to be opened once per day for a week.
My carton will be shipped out first thing this morning. I can't show you the contents of these wrapped gifts, no spoilers here. But I will put up pictures once my partner has opened her gifts. I had so much fun lurking on her blog and Ravelry page. It was great fun to narrow down my choices for the yarn gift, I hope she adores it! I must confess I am a little nervous to get my package, as on Christmas, the anticipation and wonderment is the best part. I hope I love what is coming my way as much as I love what I am sending.

On a different topic, I wanted to share some information I have gathered over the past few days. I'll start with Stitch House. Lauren and I went to Knit Night on Friday and there was a lively group with so many threads of conversation going that I wished I could freeze frame and replay each story or tale and not miss anything. Three of us cast on for our KAL of the Braided Swirl Tam.
Braided Swirl Tam, this pattern can be downloaded for $5.00.
I love hats, I love the construction, wearing them, and finding yarns to make new ones. I have to shout about how much I enjoy this pattern!!!!! You start out with a provisional cast on and then do rows of welts (or garter stitch) which frame the central cabled section. After about 30 rows, you turn the work to pick up stitches to make another wedge. To me this is the epitome of potato chip knitting; I can't seem to stop, one row more, just one more, no, just to the end of this section..... Trust me, if you choose to make this hat, you will have fun knitting it and it is a flattering style to wear.

One of the scarves I snapped photos of in my post about Stitch House has me intrigued, so I sought it out and took a couple flat pictures and looked up the pattern. It is called Beaded Eyelet Shapely Shawlette by Judy Pascale.The beads give it such a beautiful drape and so I may queue this pattern and search the stash for yarn.

Annissa's Beaded Eyelet Shapely Shawlette, by Judy Pascale
Beaded Shawlette

Beaded Shawlette in the window of Stitch House
Sparkle Spiral, free pattern at Stitch House
The other scarf that I wanted to look at more closely was this ruffled scarf in teal and blue Lucci yarn. Let me know if you want the pattern, easy 17 stitches across.

Piega Cowl, please refer to Ravelry page for errata.
I also looked more closely at the Piega Cowl and will be eagerly awaiting the time (when I finish 5 more WIPs) when I can select two complimentary yarns and cast on this baby. I was in Windsor Button and found these yarns which might make a beautiful cowl.


Trendsetter Dune
While at Windsor I found this Rowan Big Wool marked down and it fits the need I have for a commission. A woman I work with wants a scarf and headband to match a jacket. This will work well.
On sale at Windsor Button, 20% off.

On sale at Windsor Button, 20% off. Color is really much deeper purple than blue.
As I approached the register with unintended yarn purchases in hand, I nearly  fell over when my eyes spyed this! Also on sale!!! Malabrigo Greusa, in a shade of purpley blue that makes me think of the large mussel shells we find at Higgins. These shells have a band of a similar hue, and I always dream of making some sort of necklace from these found objects. Not sure what this will become but I love the color so much that I am contemplating sweaters. It is a bulky weight yarn though, so I may end up with a cowl or hat. Not sure.


Vivianne said…
I am so jealous - I've wanted some Trendsetter Dune for aaaages. I'd like to know more about the Ritratto, it looks lovely :-)
Inky077 said…
Omg, I cannot believe you picked up the same yarn as I did, lol, or can I? Purchased the Trendsetter in a coppery color to use for the "Toast" wrist warmers. And, oo la-la! That Malabrigo Purple Mystery - I am so, so covetous. You know I have a fondness for my Malabrigo, lol. Also, am awaiting pictures of your finished tam - that pattern looks so very "knitable."

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