Tuesday...... wanna check out my swap partner's reactions?

For the past month, I have been obsessing over items to send to my unknown swap partner. My mission was to come up with seven packages, three of which had to be yarn, a pattern, and something called Local Flavor, basically an item from where I live.

If you have been following the blog for the past few weeks, you may recall that I am in a Blogger Hub Yarn Swap. My partner is Manni of the blog CraftyYuppie.  She has accomplished quite a bit for someone her age; she has a job working the mic at a radio station, she has, with her husbeast,  become the owner of a beautiful home, and she spoils her kids, two whippets named Enza and Quinn. She likes to take long walks, she loves sushi and Thai food and she is multi talented in the craft arena. Check out her blog or Twitter feed if you doubt me, the girl is witty and prolific!

Day One: Gifts for the kids... I chose a box of doggie cookies, read about it here.
Day Two: Trip to Boston..... I went to one of the National Parks shops and picked up so many historic site brochures and added in a cool scrimshaw (replica) book mark, read about it here.
Day Three: Homemade. One of the suggestions was to make something for our partner. Recently Manni blogged about sewing jackets for her dogs, and I have always loved a pattern for a Bird Nest Pin Cushion in one of my Hannah Fettig pattern books, Closely Knit. Read about it here.
Day Four:  Knitting and Sewing Notions. I had so much fun putting this package together. I included items from Windsor Button, a needle gauge, a really cool tape measure, buttons, mini skeins for Mann's hexi puff collection, a thread/yarn cutter, and some tags for personlizing handmade gifts. Read about it here.
Day Five: Something spa like... I have fallen in love with Crabtree and Evelyn's Pomegranate hand cream, to the point where I thought it had to be an item that I sent out in this box of goodies. Rich lotion, incredible scent, and long lasting. Read about it here.
Day Six: Patterns.... I have a sock pattern that was a gift to me from my good friend Julie at Urban Mouse to Country House, and since Manni has two dogs, I thought this might be a good gift. I also sent along two magazines I had won recently at Stitch House, and just in case, I also sent her two of my favorite accessory patterns. Go ahead, call me an enabler.... Guilty as Charged! Read about this package here.

So tomorrow, Manni will open her last package, and if you have been paying attention... the only thing I haven't mentioned is yarn. So check her page tomorow if you are curious as to what I chose to send! I think you will be envious....

As for me... I am anxiously awaiting the swap package I am to be blogging about. You'll know when it arrives, I'll share pictures and my reactions.


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