WIP Wednesday 79

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Wow it is Wednesday again. The weeks seem to unravel faster than a ball of yarn chased by a kitten. The sunshine crests the horizon at 6:30 each morning and there is more and more bird song activity lately. The afternoons don't seem as gloomy and thanks to our (so far anyway) mild winter, we really can't complain here in Boston.

I haven't been knitting as much this week, I had errands to run and meetings to attend. Joined the gym on Monday and then went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. I took a relatively new MacBook in for help. It won't start up. Water damage is the diagnosis and a hefty bill will be incurred once it is refurbished. Owwweeeee.

Yesterday was a work day, followed by two hours of professional development, which was then followed by a meeting with the superintendent of the Boston Public Schools. She has these field meetings on different topics; yesterday the focus was on Special Education. Suffice it to say that the challenges and concerns were the same as always, the common problems of support staff and not enough money were reiterated by nearly everyone I sat near. The practical solutions were few, and the promises of change were vague. I finally got home by 7:00 and proceeded to cook up some suppa, then off to the calm solitude of my room where I promptly dropped off to sleep while reading a recent Interweave Knits magazine.

So enough already, here is what I have on the needles this week.

Tea Leaves
Both sleeves are finished.... yay! I will be doing the button band picking up of stitches tonight, hopefully pictures will be up on the Friday FO post. I need to block it and stretch the sleeves alittle, or drop twenty pounds fast!

Sprouting Cloche
I had trouble with this hat, and so I ripped it out and started over. I focused only on that project Friday and got 18 rows done. I love the yarn and the puzzle of a pattern. It isn't that difficult, but I have been doing a lot of fast and easy patterns for months so I need to build up my concentration skills again.

Bird's Nest Pin Cushion
This is a pattern from Hannah Fettig's Closely Knit. You might know her name from Coastal Knits, a great book released this past fall. I bought the Closely Knit book because of this pin cushion, I love birds, nature and sewing, but I hadn't made it for myself up until this weekend. I am making it for a secret gift and need only to make the eggs and it will be finished. (Edited to add this note).  I used size 6 DPNs and a worsted weight yarn for the eggs to get a bulkier size. Also, I used a pattern from Purl Bee to make the eggs. No provisional cast on, easier. 
This nest can easily be turned into a little basket for change or keys. I think it would make a nice gift for my brothers next Christmas.

Fuschia Coronet
This project has been neglected lately, but I plan to show it an hour or so of attention to get it to the point of picking up the crown stitches. (I have been thinking I might frog and use a smaller needle for tighter gauge. Not sure....)

Adding this as an after thought. I just found Yarn Yard's stretchy bind off here. Thank you!!!!


Pumpkin said…
Are you positive you spilled liquid on it? Apple really doesn't like that, but sometimes I feel like they use it as an excuse to charge you $1,200. Anyways, you have a lot on your needles right now! Good luck!
Erin_in_Boston said…
I'm positive. We have a cat that is kinda passive aggressive. I'm making her get a job to help defray the costs.... =/
Evelyn said…
Sorry to hear about your laptop woes -- ugh! BUT, great to hear that you joined the gym and to see all your beautiful WIPs.
You have so many lovely projects in the works! All lights at the end of the tunnel. I want to cast on multiple projects, but I am that monogamous knitter who shames herself into finishing a project...I love all your color choices, very vibrant. Lovely for the middle of winter!
autumngeisha said…
Love that Bird's Nest pincushion. It will make a sweet gift.
Inky077 said…
I am so anxious to see that hat in complete form. It is so creative a design, and what a lovely color you have chosen. So perky!

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