WIP Wednesday 80

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I am a member of Ravelry's Blog Hub Group. We are in the midst of stalking our swap partner's blog and Ravelry pages to choose seven items which will be opened one a day for a week. We agreed to spend at least $40.00, send a pattern, 100 grams of yarn and something from our local area. We were also given loose instructions about the other things to include in the swap. Once the swap partner receives the package, they will open one thing a day and then blog about what they got. Go here if you'd like to read up on bloggers that have gotten their packages already.  

I have so much to tell you! I feel like a kid on the day of Christmas Eve.... pleading to open a gift, just an eencie, teencie one..... PULEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ?

The difference is, it's not Christmas, and my swap package has not arrived yet.

The difference is that I am wrapping, and putting packets in sequence (the order in which they should be opened), and then finding the right size box for my swap partner's goodies.

I am eager to get this mailed out tomorrow so I can sit and wait in expectation..... Will she like what I picked out? Did I get yarn that is the weight she prefers? I love the color but will she??? Will my local flavor stuff be ok? Did I do a good job of stalking? Will she have enough to blog about?

Hmmmm, we'll have to wait and see.

Funny, that's what my mother's response was to all of our pleading on Christmas Eve day. Now I know she used that phrase as incentive for the six of us kids to behave until it was time to set out the plate of cookies, glass of milk and bunch of carrots (for the reindeer, silly).

Once we had the refreshments set up, we got to open one package each... usually cozy pajamas.

The final step was to scramble up to our chilly bedrooms, hop into the new jammies, and then snuggle under the covers and try to fall asleep. How she and my dad did it with six of us I can only dream about.....

So, I can't show you any pictures, but I can show the collection of wrapped and numbered packages. HEY!!! No peeking under the paper, no shaking to try and guess...

The other exciting thing that has me all a-twitter, well, it was Twitter. As I was wrapping up my stuff for the swap, I got a Tweet notification on my phone. A kind reader mentioned me and said she liked my blog, and put me in the illustrious and good company of a couple of other blogs that she enjoys.... my head swelled a bit to be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Vickie Howellknittydotcom, and..... the Yarn Harlot.

OMG, I am not worthy, but thank you so much craftyyuppie for the shout out!

So since it IS WIP Wednesday, here is what I have on the needles this week.

Amanda Lilley, image imported from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/top-down-baby-bunting
Top Down Baby Bunting
I needed a quick newborn project for one of my teaching assistants, who is due the first week of March. I found this cute pattern on FB'S Knitter's group. This FB group gives you a window into what is happening with designers, big and small.
My version, using Lion Brand Baby's First

I saw this little bunting and thought "Perfect!". After downloading the pattern, I asked the designer how long it would take, using size ten needles and aran weight yarn should be quick, right? She said 5-6 hours. Well, she must knit like a hummingbird flies... but it is a quick knit, just that I'm not so speedy with my needles!

Jojoland Fantasia, picked this up last Friday at Stitch House.
Braided Swirl Tam
Go  to my project page to check out the snaps I took of this while at Stitch House. I fell in love with the shape, the color, the yarn, and the complexity of the pattern. Reading the pattern through, it doesn't seem like it will be hard,  but it produces a hat with very different shaping.

My friend Lauren and another Friday night knitter also got the pattern and we hope to do a KAL, check on Stitch House's forum page to see when we get it started.

Using size seven needles, no applied I-cord edging.
Fuschia Coronet
I ended up frogging the first attempt, and decided to fore go the applied I-cord edging and use size 7 needles. Looks much better, but it got bumped to the back of the bus by the bunting project.

My final WIP isn't exactly knitting, but it is knitting related. I'm trying my hand at doing social network promos for an upcoming knitting happening.

Tomorrow, the planning team for the third annual Fiber Camp event, sponsored by Common Cod Knitter's Guild will meet to tie up loose ends. We will be discussing more of the details for the event, which set to happen March 9-11 at MIT's Strata Arts Center. I will share the plans for the upcoming festivities tomorrow or Friday.


Sandy said…
Cute bunting, had to lol a minute, thought to myself, you've got this cute little bundle on the needles, lol...have fun with your swap.
Evelyn said…
The swap sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to finding out what you got and congrats on the shout-out ... or should I say tweet? xo

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