Work in Progress Wednesday #78

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It is the start of a new month.... I am pledging to blog more often.... I have been remiss and need to get back on track. I hope to do the WIP Wednesday, FO Friday, Shopping Saturday, and Making Monday. If I can fit in more than that  I will.

Here is what I have OTN currently....

I have promised to meet the challenge of working for an hour a day on my Tea Leaves. I so want to be done with it; I am doing Magic Loop to get symmetrical sleeves and it is fiddly. I have about 6 inches to go and then I need to do the two button bands on the front.

This is my vanilla knitting. Easy, but a bit boring. I guess I just need to pop in a good movie to get the needles flying. It is a scarf for Catherine that will match the down coat I gave her for Christmas.

This yarn was won in a Stitch House give away a few years ago and because there are only 200 yards, I was challenged to come up with a project until I got the Puma skimmers (on my project page). I decided to make a hat as an accessory to go with all of the black that dominates my wardrobe. This pattern is fun to work on, and a good first cable project. I am hoping I will have enough to get a tall enough crown on the hat.

Cupido Cowl by Hiroku Fukatsu. Image imported from
I found this cowl and thought the stitch pattern looked very interesting, but I may frog it because it looks so very acme in the Lion Brand yarn I am using. I think a home spun or variegated yarn will be better suited.

Sprouting Cloche by Norah Gaughan. Image imported from
This pattern is from Brave New Knits, one of my favorite knitting books. I am using Berroco Lustra yarn in a glazed carrot color, deep rusty goodness. I got about 20 rows in and realized I was making a few mistakes that would affect the leaf motif, so I frogged and have started over, using a blown up copy of the chart. I hope after all of the work I put in that I won't look like some freak with the 3-D leaf effect on my head!

To be honest, I have this in my work basket, and I want to get to the half way mark, and then the decreases will begin, but I never seem to get to it. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift and I should try to send it off for Valentine's instead. Must begin again!!

I have ten projects on my Ravelry page and I really want to narrow it down so that I can begin some new things. I have enjoyed these small projects because they are usually quick and fairly easy. I have a stash of yarns awaiting my attention, things found on ebay and some sweater quantity stuff bought at Stitch House in the fall. Need to clear the decks a bit before casting on anything else.

Check back tomorrow, I have an interesting post to share with you on health, fitness, and setting goals.


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