Blogger Hub Yarn Swap Day 6

Blogger Hub Yarn Swap-Day 6 That means after I open this squishy, yarn filled gift, there will only be one more. Do I sound greedy? Guilty!

This package had a slight opening, but I swear I resisted peeking until this morning. Before the java juice got to brewing, I snapped pix of the unopened, unshredded paper, then I got to tearing!

The note says: something to use for the Beaded Eyelet Shapely Shawl.
Madelinetosh Sock Yarn in Dahlia

Once opened, this spring green tissue revealed its contents.... Madelinetosh Sock yarn in the Dahlia color way!!!! Oh, I am in love and bursting with gratitude. I have only used Madelinetosh one time, for my Tea Leaves cardigan, and I loved how it felt as it threaded its way through my fingers as I knit. The mystery of the color intensity as it shifted from intense to muted was often mesmorizing. What will this become? Possibly, tomorrow's package will have the answer....

Again, thanks to Andrea for choosing such great gifts; I need you on birthdays and Christmas too!

(edited to add.... I am such a dolt! Andrea, in her sleuthing, must have seen the mention I made of this beauty which Stitch House has on display. It is the yellow triangular shawl that I snapped a number of pictures of. [Palm to cheek, head shake, thoughts to self include mild berating about lack of sleep, too much java and viewing too many projects I HAVE TO MAKE NOW]

Now you all know I am losing it....... blaming the yarn fumes emanating from the baskets surrounding my boat of a bed.... it is all good.... blissful, sleepy smile....


Voie de Vie said…
Oh those Mad Tosh colorways ... oh the squoishiness of it. It is amazing. Nice swappy gift!
Vivianne said…
That is an amazing purple :-)
FoFo said…
That is a great color! Can't wait to see what you make with it.

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