Mystery Box from Craftsy
I came home to a package today. Maybe not as exciting as my recent Yarn Swap box, but this baby had some good surprises inside.

About a week ago, I got an email from Craftsy, a new website that I joined for patterns, yarn and instructional videos. They were offering a deal on a mystery box which would include yarns at a discount and some knitterly swag. (Deal was $25.00 plus shipping). Warning, some deals are so good that they don't last long. I frequently see the "Sold Out" tag on the good stuff, you need to act fast. There is a timer which shows how much longer the deal will be available.
Malabrigo Gruesa, color Buscando Azul
Imagine my delight when I opened up the box and discovered skeins of Malabrigo Gruesa, a bulky weight yarn in a midnight blue shade, Cascade Epiphany in harvest gold, two skeins of di. Ve Autunno, Malabrigo worsted weight cotton in a pale shade of yellow, a small needle and gauge wheel and Lantern Moon Rosewood needles? I could get addicted to this. The only dilemma may be, what can I make with just one skein? Now I need to go get THAT (One Skein Wonders) book to have ready for when inspiration or good deals strike!
Cascade yarns, Epiphany, 60%Royal Alpaca, 20%cashmere, 20% silk
Craftsy is a website chock a block full of crafting info and inspiration. There are many different online classes; Knit Lab with Stephanie Japel, looks particularly interesting. It is free to join and they email a few times a week with news about online classes, indie patterns and other good stuff.
di. Ve Atunno
di. Ve Atunno
Malabrigo worsted weight cotton
Lantern Moon Rosewood needles, needle gauge

Mystery Box of yarn from Craftsy
[I have to apologize, not sure why but none of Craftsy's images will import to Blogger tonight. It may be my computer, or it maybe the lock down of images due to the site's structure. I had similar problems today while doing the post about Knitty.... not sure what's up. Solar flare? Or Big Brother????]


FoFo said…
WOW!!! That's a neat box to get in the mail. Will be looking forward to seeing what you make with all the yarn.
Erin_in_Boston said…
I have been trying to put myself on a yarn diet and get some of these skeins made up into something, but you know how a good deal derails good intentions????
Evelyn said…
Lucky you -- whenever I try to purchase one of their mystery boxes, I'm always too late!! Awesome package.
Patricia said…
Recently I spent time touching and feeling in a LYS in a small town on the Central Coast of California. Beautiful yarn, but I realized that I have not progressed to the point where I can let the yarn speak to me...I don't know what I would knit! So for the time being, I find a pattern I like first, and then go yarn-hunting. So I would be in a quandary with a mystery box. But I want to be you when I grow up!
Erin_in_Boston said…
You know Patricia, I often wander through the wares of my LYs and buy what looks so yummy I can't manage to leave it there. Sometimes I get two skeins, sometimes just one. When I have time, I enter the skeins into my stash on Ravelry and look for pattern ideas under the yarn tab for that specific brand. If I find something promising, I put it in my queue, even if it happens to be more than one pattern. Later, I look more critically and decide which project the yarn will become. It isn't all that complicated, but finding irresistible yarns is dangerous if I don't get to knitting up what I have queued.
As for shopping for yarn with a pattern in mind, I do that too, but my favorite FOs are the things made from the irresistible skeins.
And thanks for the compliment, but don't ever grow up, continue to look at the world through the eyes of a child. Hugs....
That was an amazing mystery box. So many things you could make with all of that yarn. It's like 4 Giftmas presents right there!

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