A Knitter's Stream of Consciousness, thoughts on a Friday....

A Friday stream of consciousness….

Awaken at 6:56 AM, in a bit of a panic to think of all of the things that must be stashed (into my already stuffed closet) in the next 90 minutes before the construction crew descends to install insulation from the interior side of the walls.

This was not anticipated, AT. ALL. My bed is laden with a table, a broken down shelving unit, books, DVDs, and other flotsam and jetsam.

All fiber is safely packed away, projects selected for the leisurely day of knitting I am anticipating.

Down to kitchen to brew magical latte to soothe my jangling nerves.

Glances of praise and smiles of admiration from daughter number 2, (they thought I would not be able to compress all of the "Stuff" I have into a more manageable mass).

Horde of workers arrive in drizzling rain, to begin drilling holes on rear wall of kitchen, interior walls of two bedrooms and the living room, 10 holes per wall, ouch.

There are 6 burly men stomping through this house… I can’t knit.

I wave the white flag of surrender, and after a few hours of drilling, stomping, and tracking of debris through the house, we leave to run errands and eat lunch at Panera.

me? I had the grilled tomato and mozzarella panini with lemonade.

Yes, it was yummy.

Next, headed to the Apple store at the Galleria. Atmosphere was akin to the buzz of a NY cocktail party. With all of the tech savvy, beautiful people in view,  the thought dawns on me that…
I need to lurk here and snag a BF!

Way cool and loving Genius Bar rep took $100 off of my repair bill. I told him "I love you".

(He was probably all of 23. Not old enough to consider for potential BF).

I think my kids would have cringed and said MAOOOOOOOM!!!!! Oh, I just gotta show my appreciation some how.

In my anxiety over the amount of dreaded cleaning that must be done, I stop, call my colorist and make an appointment for Sat, 10 AM, stat.

No knitting is happening...

By 5:30, it looks like I will be able to go to Stitch House knit night with Lauren, but what project to bring? Most everything is under wraps…

Gaptastic Cowl, not loving the Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Not after having made this with Malabrigo last week.

Drive to Dorchester with Lauren.... low on conversational topics, pooped from all of the comings and goings of the insulation team.

Arrive at Stitch House and feel a lot like Norm at Cheers!


They know my name here, feeling the love.

Snooped around, spotted Almond Comfit, an Ysolda Teague hat I’d like to make in Saturday Treat, her latest book.

No yarn pleaded with me to take it home, lucked out this week.

Went up the street to get a numnums for supper, fish taco sandwich, so very good.

I was the only knitter who didn’t eat suppa at home. Tried to smack lips quietly, ate only a demure half of sandwich.

But fumes from sandwich half enticed and distracted me all night.

Floated around shop more than I knitted, helped a newbie, felt the rush of sharing the know-how with someone....

Home by 9 and straight to computer to check up on mail, blog, news. First though, I checked my Rav mail, and saw 4 notes from YOU!!!    (This is addressed to Julie, a Friend who has been lucky enough to jump over the pond and hang out in the UK for 12 days.... missed her missives, her humor, and her encouragement....)

So grateful you are home again.....


Patricia said…
That stream sounds more like a river of consciousness! lol You are alive and well!

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