Knitty Spring Summer is up!

Do you know Knitty?

Knitty is a website that features free patterns and information about knitting and spinning and other fibery activities.

Here are some reasons to go beyond just scoping out patterns.... On the Features Index tab you'll find:

There are drawings for exciting swag, check it out here. There is a giveaway of a small pair of embroidery scissors with an Eiffel Tower motif and an interesting vintage style tape measure, three of these are up for grabs. Also in the running for one lucky winner is a pattern and enough yarn to make a Lucky June cardigan. A third drawing will be announced in April, so visit the site again to see what is in store.

Stitches in Time
Franklin Habit writes an illuminating and hilarious Stitches in Time article each edition. In this edition he spins a tale about about the history and construction of a pineapple bag. His quote "Won't you please take a moment and admire my bottom. I'm quite proud of it" should be temptation enough.

Knitty's Yarn Roundtable
Knitty also features reviews of yarn. Look here to read about the five yarns knitters at the Purple Purl tested and rated. One exciting lace weight yarn is made of mink, merino and silk. Another interesting yarn is Tonas worsted by Misti Alpaca. This yarn is appealing for its rich tonal colorways and its silk like hand. Go checkout the Roundtable review for yourself!

Cool Stuff
Reviews of books, tools, and products are featured here. In this edition, twenty-two books are reviewed, needles, and knit bags are described.

For newer knitters, Kate Atherley, the tech editor of Knitty has written Beyond Knit and Purl,  a book about the next logical step after mastering knits and purls.

One item of interest is Color Grid which aides you in selecting the best hues for Fair Isle or color work. Available on the creator's Etsy site.

The book Circular Knitting Workshop sounds like a great read if you are seeking new skills or just a better understanding of how flat vs. circular knitting creates a different result; it includes projects that allow you practice your new skills.

They've tested Boardwalk Bag, the new Namaste backpack, an item which I have drooled over since first spotting it in Vogue Knitting.

Are you an Instagram user? There are a number of cool items for you to check out. There are also items for spinners in the column. Also you'll find two knitter's tee shirts, a glow in the dark lamp, and colored packing tape for unique gift wrapping.

Two Knitter's Opinions
Two knitters used and reviewed an Ashford knitting loom. If you aren't totally satisfied with knitting and want to add a new technique, consider reading this review. Imagine weaving a scarf in three hours? Nuf said.

Here are my picks for Spring/Summer knit projects.
Flaming June, by Cheryl Niamath. A hemp fiber knit on size 5 needles with a mitered edge to give flow to the garment. I love the colors featured on Knitty,  red bordered by bright orange.

Raindrop Cardigan, by Jennifer Wood. A short sleeve cardigan that would be great topping a sundress or a tee and jeans.

Tethys, by Susanna IC. The sea inspired this design and that is one reason it calls to me. the other is a unique construction, borders of cabled waves, seed stitch (you know I love seed stitch right?) and an edging that creates an anthropomorphic shawl.

Phloem, by Rachel Coopey. These socks caught my attention at first, if I can be honest here, because thought I was reading "phlegm". But a bit of reading educated me to understand that  "flow-em" is a term which describes the slow unfolding of leaves in the spring. the raised leaf pattern and rails of chains stitch make a beautiful foot covering.

This issue has six shawls, three short sleeved sweaters, four cardigans, four sock patterns and the pineapple bag. Go check it out. the other awesome thing about Knitty is the back issues. A great resource for me when I need inspiration.......


Evelyn said…
Great review, E! I love Knitty and in this issue, I think I'll have to knit Gemini.
Ginny said…
Love your review. Knitty is great. I like the top with the lace neckline.
Cleo said…
I was introduced to Knitty by the owner of my LYS. I am constantly going through the archives whenever I need a new pattern for whatever reason

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