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Stack of finished sweaters
Today the topic is about color.  
What are you knitting with most? 
What is your favorite color? 
Do you have any colors you refuse to knit or crochet with? 
What is the color you buy when shopping? 
Then, what are the dominant colors of your FOs? Do they match what is in stash? Or no? 
And finally, are you inspired to buy the same color that is featured on the pattern?

Portrait of a Young Woman, Antonio Pollaiolo, imported from 1st-art-gallery.com
Detail of Vermeer's Woman Pouring Water. Imported from socialhistoryofart.com
Can I confess? I am a visual learner, and a very visual person. When in college as an undergrad, my major was Art History. My favorite classes covered Flemish and Renaissance Art.
I do believe that the many artworks I viewed over my four years affected my preferences in knitting and in home decor.

Some WIPs from last summer, bright blue, orange and teal.
When setting out to make a sweater or other knitted object, I am inclined to buy colors of deep hues, as found in the rich saturated colors of stained glass windows. My church has some spectacular examples of 18th century stained glass, but I will have to tempt you with those pictures on another day. Will you trust me when I say that many of the colors of my FOs are found in these windows? I have knit in shades of deep olive green, rich and vibrant royals and crimsons, regal purples, hues of nutmeg browns, golden tones of wheat and saffron, and to balance all of that saturation, pockets of white and cream. (The image below is imported from Google and is not actually from my parish church. It is a close example of what adorns our church windows.)

Stain Glass Window in Saint Mary's, imported from tournorfolk.co.uk
If you were to ask me what is my favorite color, my answer would be red, a Venetian red with lots of blue cool tones. Surprisingly, if you were to look at the one color that seems to be most prevalent in my FOs, that color would be a variation of green, from Teal to Olive. 

Venetian Red pigment, image imported from fineartstore.com
What colors do I avoid? I never work with pastels or washed out tones. I have done some knitting for others and I will use those shades if that is what they want, but I am not as content working with those colors. I also am picky about variegated skeins of yarn. I like the ones that have longer runs of color, for I hate pooling that gives a camouflage look to the fabric as I knit. 

An example of unhappy pooling. I plan to frog this and try again with a different pattern.
I have not knit much with navy or black, perhaps because most of my wardrobe is made up of those tones, but the darker yarns are more difficult to work with unless you have great lighting. Plus, I think the stitches get lost in the darkness of the fabric. 

As for a pattern influencing my fiber purchase, hmmmmm.... I don't think there is a sweater yet that has been the same as the pattern photos. I am more inclined to shop for yarn in a manner that will bring color to my closet.

Stack of finished accessories
This stack of accessories deviates from my typical jewel tones a bit.

A spread of hats.
 Seriously, when shopping, I turn off the voice that says, I need yarn for a cardigan or cowl or a particular pattern. I first go in search of skeins that make me stop and pause and sometimes catch my breath again. If the color resonates with me and brings a smile to my face, I know I have found a winner.

The tip of the iceberg known as stash.
I do have a color that I yearn to buy and make into something; it would be the color of dried tobacco leaves, a rich golden brown shade, something like this, or perhaps a deep pumpkin tone of orange, like this

I don't have permission to copy the colors here, but trust me when I tell you, navigate to above links to Indigdragonfly Yarns and check out her colors and more importantly the color names, My two faves are My World is All Askew, (pumpkin aspiring), and We Gotta Go to the Crappy Town Where I'm a Hero, (tobacco leaf aspiring). 

(If you want to see the names easily, hover over the color chips and the name appears. Mirth ensues shortly afterwards..... almost as good as some of the OPI color names, [nail polish, OPI nail polish].


Evelyn said…
I love seeing all your knits piled up together. Not only are they colorful (like you) but to see how much you've knitted over the years is inspiring!
autumngeisha said…
It was really interesting reading about the art history influence on your color choices. Venetian red is a beautiful favorite color. Mine has to be the deep pumpkin orange that you mentioned.
i love the way you describe your colour preferences and what has driven them - juxtaposing the art and your knitting really shows that off too. You've given me all sorts of ideas! Thank you!
Kepanie said…
I like how you compared rich saturation to the stained glass windows of a church.

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