FO Friday #83

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Disclaimer- modeled photos will be added as soon as the model gets her act together, styling wise....

I have a few FOs but one in particular that I am excited to share. It was finished last week, but since I was on the road with DD #3 going to a college interview in New Hampshire, I didn't have time and good light to get some photos and post to last Friday's group.

Montague Vest in Malabrigo Gruesa
Back of Montague vest

Purple Mystery Montague Vest
Pattern by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn, Malabrigo Grusesa in the color Purple Mystery

I have finished the Montague Vest from New England Knits. This project began with two skeins of Purple Mystery Malabrigo Gruesa that I spied in the sale bin at Windsor Button a few weeks ago. I adore the deep and rich hues of indigo and purple, and so I bought two skeins to see what might become of the fiber. I was thinking hat or cowl, or something along those lines. As I swatched with the recommended size needles, I began to think of more open stitches. I have been working from New England Knits a lot lately and this book was on the top of the pile. Flipping through brought me to this photo.
Montague Bulky Lace Vest by Melissa LaBarre. Image imported from Ravelry
I swatched the lace panel to see if my gauge matched, and it did so I called and reserved more of the Purple Mystery and got underway. With easy to follow charted directions for the lace, and bulky yarn and size 15 needles, it was a quick and interesting knit .

It may be too warm to wear now, but it was exciting to find fiber in a color I love and will become an achor around which I can build a fall outfit.

Butter Chinook
Pattern by Ali Green
Yarn, Cascade Ultra Pima

This was originally going to be a Christmas gift, I got the yarn on sale at Stitch House back in August. For a number of reasons, it kept getting shifted down on my list of WIPs and never got much of my attention. It isn't a complicated pattern and the yarn was ok to work with, it just seemed like forever to get to the mid point. Once there, it was a downhill breeze and I finished it quickly. For those of you who might choose to make this, set your goal at getting to the half way mark, after that it flies! It is finished now and ready to wrap, perfect for someone whose favorite color is pale yellow.

Christmas Table Runner
Pattern, I made it up
Yarn, Red Heart Holiday

This thing was interminably long on the list of WIPs, mostly because it was such a bore and the yarn was not fun to knit with. It was made by request of my friend Maureen, who had picked the yarn up years ago to make a little table covering for the holidays. I used applied I-cord at each edge and garter stitch at the narrow ends. It still curls, despite blocking, but it is done!


Patricia said…
I love the way the Montague vest is coming together. I remember when you first swatched the yarn. Is the blog post color true? I am always drawn to what looks to me to be a deep blue.
Erin_in_Boston said…
I just uploaded the model shot! How funny, I live with three models and no one wants their picture on the blog....
The color of this yarn is a deep purpley blue. Like the inside of the mussel shells we collect at the beach.
Evelyn said…
All your projects look fantastic. I don't think it's too warm at all to wear the Montague vest ... it's simply gorgeous. I haven't knit with Cascade Ultra Pima yet but it looks so nice in your photo. When I'm off my yarn diet, it's be at the top of my list.

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