Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

Kate, of the blog Signed with an Owl has an interesting challenge.... are you in? Read this post and, if you choose to join in, watch the creativity and generosity explode.

She posted about this in January and so the giveaway has happened for that particular post.  One of her winners, Kim Sonksen of the blog Creating My Life in Technicolor left a comment on my blog and when I went to read her blog I discovered this whole Pay It Forward meme, so I am entering her Contest here.  I'm jumping in, anyone else game? Here's what to do.

The rules of this giveaway are to create a post about the contest with links back to your blog. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment.
  1. Gain an additional entry in the drawing by posting a link on your blog or website about this giveaway, linking directly back to this post. (To do this, copy the Pay it Forward button, paste into your blog post or sidebar, then create an active link in the button by pasting my blog address  for this post into button)
  2. Add the giveaway button to your sidebar and link it to this post.  If you do any of the extras above, then make sure you comment to let me know- I don't want you to lose out on a chance to win!
  3. I will leave this drawing open to entry for the next month, closing date is May 15. By entering, you promise to host the giveaway at your blog, choose three winners, send their handmade gifts off within 365 days and watch what unfolds.


Thank you for your comment on my blog - yes of course you can use the pics of the Japanese flower scarf in my first Needles & Natter Conversation post. Also the ones of the other Japanese scarf in one of my January posts if you want to. Please can you just acknowledge or link to the source? I deduce that you are doing the Eskimimi Knitting and Crochet Blog Week challenge! So am I! And like you I don't cross over to the other needle side often so it is a bit of a challenge to do so!! Have fun! Looking forward to reading your posts on th various topics! Elizabeth x
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thank you so very much....I will make sure to post links to your blog, for sure. Maybe you can recommend a crochet project to blog about? I have made afghans in the past, have some books to resurrect skills and understanding of directions.... was thinking of a little granny square bag or headband with decorative flowers..... open to suggestions...
And I look forward to seeing you in the KnitCrochetBlog Week events! Good luck!

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