WIP Wednesday 88

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You know I am not a monogamous knitter right? Just thought I would confess up front.... I have different projects for the different places I knit at. For Mondays at the library group, I like to bring something relatively mindless so I can chat and not pay the consequences for inattentiveness later. Here's what I have OTN...

Montague Vest
Montague Vest from New England Knits. Using Malabrigo Gruesa in Purple Mystery, size 15 needles. I love this pattern and will make it again. The color of this yarn absolutely makes me swoon, yes, I said swoon. A deep, saturated purple/royal blue colorway. I am nearly at the point of getting this baby blocked, then I can seam it up and do the edge work.This project grew out of an initial purchase of two skeins on sale at Windsor Button. I just had to have the color but wasn't sure what I wanted to make; eight skeins later, it has grown into a gorgeous, but pricey vest...

Bridgewater Shawl
Bridgewater Shawl in Citrus Hues, from Jared Flood's Made in Brooklyn. Using Classic Elite Yarn Ultra Alpaca Lace on size 5 needles.This project is a bit tedious but I love how the self striping spins out nuances of color as I work. Right now I am creating the center panel in garter stitch on the diagonal. I increase one stitch at the start of each row. I went from 80 to 120 stitches on the needles yesterday. I will continue increasing until I have 200 stitches then the decreases will begin. The edging looks complicated, but very interesting. New skills will be acquired.... yes! The project originated out of a desire to stash bust, I had originally planned to make Parkhurst with these skeins. Not sure why I switched it up, but so far I am loving the lace weight garter stitch work.

Circumference is 54" and width is 6" after one skein.

Gaptastic Cowl
GapTastic Cowl in Lion Brand Wool Ease on size 13 needles.
I have made so many of these cowls this winter. I changed the stitch pattern from seed stitch to a spiral step kind of stitch. Must look in stitch dictionary for actual name.... I am knitting 2P, 2K for two rounds, then I alternate so it becomes a stairstep. Must describe this better. I will edit here to give you exact procedure. I have used up one skein and just started using second skein. Project began as a request for a silvery grey cowl for DD #3.

Iced, by Carol Fuller. Using Brown Sheep's Nature Spun chunky in Baked Bean colorway.
I won this amazing batch of reddish brown wool from Windsor Button while on the Red Line Yarn Crawl. I just picked it up Monday and have been swatching to see what can become of these five skeins. I also won a vest pattern to go with the wool but it looks too bulky for my taste. I have coveted the Iced cardigan ever since I spotted it in Knitty but never could decide on a yarn. I am eager to cast this on and get it going before the warmer weather sets in.

My other WIPs have not been picked up at all this week. I have finished two other projects though, more on these Friday.


FoFo said…
I love that purple/blue and the Citrus! I can't wait to see the shawl you make from it!
Inky077 said…
Brilliant post - shows you how simple variations in color and weight create so many beautiful things. Amazing. And it's just sticks and string, folks. :) Also. Must. Have. Baked. Bean. color. NOW! lol
Kim Sonksen said…
Well there is something completely overrated about being monogamous when knitting :)))
If I could I would have about 3798 projects on the go at any given time.
Fabulous projects I see here

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