WIP Wednesday 89

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Icced....Just waiting on picking up be-dump-teen stitches for shawl collar.

Garter stitch edging at cuff and bottom edges.
Iced Baked Beans
This cardigan by Carol Feller has been the fastest knit ever. Thanks to the chunky yarn and size 11 needles, what was cast on last Friday night is now at the last step. That's right, all is done but to pick up collar stiches and knit a 5" wide shawl collar. This sweater has top down construction, great raglan sleeve directions, and stitches in stockinette and garter. And the yarn, well that is probably why it has flown so effortlessly off and the needles. I love the texture it creates in this project. 

Swag from Red Line Yarn Crawl
I won the five skeins of Brown Sheep Nature Spun chunky weight yarn, colorway Baked Beans, from Windsor Button during the Red Line Yarn Crawl. I picked it up last week and it pleaded with me to become something, and because I am a softy, I relented.Knowing how I am challenged in the arena of matching yarn to project, I sought help from an expert.... Ravelry.

Using Ravelry's pattern search tool, I plugged in the type of pattern I was searching for, the yardage and weight of the skeins and up popped a number of possibilities. I settled on the Iced cardigan because of its easy style and comfort. I liked it when I first saw it on the Knitty website a while ago,  but I never had the proper weight yarn to cast on until now. The pattern is straight forward, the skills required make it within reach of a fairly new knitter, but it is interesting enough that I couldn't put it down. I made the hem edge using garter stitch to avoid curling, as the designer suggests. I am eager to see how it looks after blocking. I will need to go in search of buttons soon!

Operation time, off the needles, ripping back to scene of THE MISTAKE.
Bridgewater in Citrus
I was making nice progress on the central panel of garter stitch, increasing a stitch at the start of each row. I have become accustomed to the thin yarn and the small needles, but imagine the horror of discovering a mistake about ten rows back; there are 120 stitches on the needles now. So I sit and ponder if repair will work or do I have to tink/frog back to the mistake and begin all over again?

Humble beginnings, soon to look more like this.... I hope
Wholehearted Shawl by Erika Flory

Wholehearted Shawl
I have no right to be casting on another big project, but I was gifted the pattern and I am using yarn from the stash, so don't be too harsh in your judgement, ok?

Evelyn of the blog, Project Stash, was recently in town with her family. They were visiting from New York and she graciously spared a few hours of her morning to hang out at Windsor Button, one of my favorite LYS and later go for coffee. I was so eager to meet this fellow crafter, this person who understands that one must have stash, and that buying vacation yarn is a rite of passage as a knitter on the road. (She blogged about it here.)

Evelyn and I came to know each other over a Yarn Swap on Ravelry about a year ago. She sent me the yarn that became this...  Since then, we correspond on Ravelry and on each other's blogs. She is a true knitting friend that I count on for encouragement and advice when uncertainty or questions arise. She and I have done a number of blog challenges and we often remark incredulously to one another at the friends we find on the web.

This weekend I got an email from Evelyn, announcing that there was a pattern to be downloaded. In her email, she shared her reason for the gift. Last year she made this shrug and was later contacted by the designer for permission to use the project photo. They emailed back and forth and shared comments on their blogs, but this connection was further cemented when Evelyn discovered that a recently released pattern was being used as a fundraiser;  the proceeds would go to the emergency fund established for the designer's daughter. They lost much of what they had in a house fire and are now rebuilding their lives.

So, I navigated to Ravelry to check things out and downloaded this pattern. Later in the day, as I was reading Evelyn's most recent post, I discovered that she had generously gifted the same pattern to a number of other knitters and there was a KAL. (Defined: Knit A Long, when a group of knitters make the same pattern and share tips and experiences with each other.)

Well, the fingerless mitt had been tossed down.  I can't resist such a challenge, so I grabbed my circulars and a cake of Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn, and cast on. About an hour later, I had start of a soothing project underway. Easy to follow, and because I am using a variegated skein, the unfolding of color keeps me enthralled.

There are other WIPs in my work basket but they did not get much love this week. I will dedicate Sunday to Sprouted Cloche since it has been lingering the longest.


Ness said…
That is a nice sweater! Can't wait to see it finished. I hate picking up stitches too. Is the Bridgewater mistake SUPER noticeable? If you can drop a stitch down and fix it with a crochet hook (Techknitter has a post about fixing garter st in such a way), I'd say do that, otherwise, amid the sea of garter st, no one will notice. :) I've got a couple goofy-looking stitches in mine, too, but I haven't noticed them since I blocked it.
Evelyn said…
Your Iced Baked Beans looks fabulous! I'm so impressed by how quickly you knitted it and I can just imagine how great it will look on you! Excited for our KAL. Thanks again for knitting this with me. xox
Patricia said…
Let us know what you decide about the "tiny, only noticeable by you mistake, unless you point it out to others!" For me, it would feel like an itch that would not go away! So you frog it back...it was only a string when you started! Nice post...always makes me want to start a new project.
Erin_in_Boston said…
So in response, thanks for the compliments, I love the sweater, good mojo too, coming from Red Line Yarn Crawl AND Windsor Button. I stopped in to see what other colors they carry and it is not currently in stock but was a generous
gift from the sales rep. We might need to remedy that, it may become another workhorse yarn for me, if I can get it....
Bridgewater mistake, it was definitely noticeable, I didn't pin it for the blog picture, but it was definitely there. I ripped out and then tinked back the last few rows so I was sure to have all stitches and was able to knit back to the place I was when I first noticed the mistake. It only took an hour or so and now when I wear it, I won't have that mishap glaring at me..... I tried to ladder down before ripping out but something was twisted, it was more than a matter of a dropped stitch. I know it may sound crazy, but I want as few "design details" or mistakes as possible.
Patricia, we should Rav mail each other, I love helping two of my web friends get back into the pool of projects.... send me a post about the yarn you want to use or the patterns that call to you....

Just call me Dennis The Menace of Knitting! Guaranteed to get you into some trouble!
FoFo said…
Lovely items!!!!

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