RIP Sweet Lucy

Sweet Lucy at Christmas

Today I had to make a very difficult decision to say goodbye to a dear friend.  This black and white tuxedo cat has kept us entertained for the past 10 years. She entered our lives when things were in transition and we were riding a roller coaster of emotions, confusion, and sadness. Her antics as a kitten and her engaging personality brought levity and distraction to me and to my three young girls.

She was affectionate, or as affectionate as a cat might allow herself to be. She had quirky behaviors that often had us shaking our heads in wonder. This cat wouldn't lap at her water dish, no, she would daintily dip her paw into the water, then discreetly lick the moisture up. Sometimes she would race laps up and down the stairways, chasing some imaginary creature. She had a remarkable way of looking at you so that you'd swear she was an old soul trapped in a feline disguise.

Here's that look that you'd swear belonged to an all-knowing soul, nearly human.
 Lucy was my Helen's cat. She'd shadow Helen when she was younger and sit on her homework, tail tapping, impatiently awaiting some game or a good ear scratching. Lucy loved to go out and sit in our little yard, relishing in the scents of the breezes blowing through the walkway. Some days, she'd sit like a sentinel at the end of the walk, measuring up the passers by or scowling and arching her back a any dog that dared to walk by.

One of Lucy's favorite pastimes was emptying out any box she deemed worthy as a perch.

Our sweet Lucy has been acting out of sorts these last few days, and I knew something was wrong when she slept on my bed last night and never got up to wander the house, checking that all were asleep. She didn't race me to the kitchen to be let out into the back yard to sniff out any overnight visitors. This afternoon, she was so lethargic and unresponsive that we took her to the animal clinic and found that she had a very serious infection. It was not an easy decision to let her go, not easy at all.

We will miss you, my black and white cat, we will miss your trance-like stare, your purr, and expressive tail flips. And despite the disagreeable habit of scratching, we will miss you leaving your mark on those items cats should never dare to use as a scratching post.

It has been hard to accept that Lucy has exited the life she has known. I do feel some relief if I try to envision her rolling in a field of green green grass, hopping after butterflies and birds, at peace finally and happy.

RIP Lucy 2002-2012


Patricia said…
That is never an easy decision to make. Pets have a way of becoming family members and we miss them when they are gone. I am so sorry for your loss.
Inky077 said…
I am sitting here balling my eyes out. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to one fine feline. Hopefully remembering Lucy at her best -the funny, wiley, curious antics as well as those peaceful times dwelling together - hopefully those memories will help you transition from grief to peace. xo, j
Evelyn said…
Hugs all around you, Erin, as you mourn lovely Lucy. She was a true beauty and to know that she brought you and Helen so much joy (and giggles) all these years is a gift, indeed. xo
FoFo said…
((((HUGS)))) I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose a fur baby, my own Whiskers died several years ago and I still miss her.
I'm so sorry to hear about this difficult decision you had to make. One of my cats passed away suddenly a few years ago, and it was really jarring and sad. But I am comforted by the many memories (and yes, those scratch marks will remind you!) and I'm sure you will be, too. It sounds like Lucy was an awesome kitty.

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