WIP Wednesday #93

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First off.... I have had a few emails from readers and friends who were concerned for my well being.... you see I haven't blogged in over two weeks. I was heartened to know my absence had been noticed and grateful for their concern, but life has been a skitch hectic in these parts lately.

One daughter had a college interview and consequent acceptance letter. YAY!!! Another daughter has moved home from college, so the little ole boot is full up with girls and their clutterabilia. At work.... well can I just say paperwork and you send your sympathies?

I have also gone to some squeeworthy fiber events of late. Posts are promised but here are some tempting tag lines. Clara Parkes, Common Cod, Fiber Festivals, sanctioned to buy yarn at said festivals by guru Parkes, diligent fiber fanatic travels north to NH Sheep and Wool, stash was enhanced. Posts up soon. I promise.

Here is what I have got as WIPs.

Provence Baby Sweater, pattern by Cecily Glowick McDonald
Yarn, Red Heart- Eco Ways
I am making this for a woman my daughter works with. I was a bit skittish over her yarn choice, but it has worked up well and the hand is good for an inexpensive yarn. (Nothing like alpaca, but then what is?)

Citrus Bridgewater, pattern by Jared Flood
Yarn, Classic Elite Yarn Silky Alpaca
I have been working on this at Knit Night and when I want mindless but rewarding knitting. I put in a life line and need to make a new one.

Life line? What is that? Oh Grasshopper, a lifeline saves you losing clumps of hair, it saves your blood pressure from giving you an aneurism. Basically, a lifeline is a good thing to use when working on a complicated pattern, or if you are prone to inept silly blunders like me, it is  just good knitting practice. I use dental floss and a pointed seaming needle and I thread the floss through the stitches on my needle, remembering not to go through stitch markers... and then if you find you've made a mistake, you need only to frog back to the life line and begin again. This beats starting over from the beginning, right?

This pattern has me increasing at the start of each row until I get to 200 stitches, then I will decrease one stitch per row until the square is finished. Long process when you work on it sporadically. Once I have my square made, I will switch to a solid color yarn and do a lace edging. Funfunfun! But the result will be a beautiful summer stole for cool evenings or when I am stuck near and AC vent at a restaurant.

Bridgewater in Citrus, by Jard Flood

Whole Hearted Shawl, pattern by Erika Flory
Yarn, Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, Paints
This pattern was gifted to me a few weeks ago by my blogging buddy, Evelyn of Project Stash. She wanted to support the efforts of the designer who was using the pattern sales proceeds to help her daughter who was rebuilding after a house fire. I set the pattern aside, but yarn in stash was calling to me, so I cast on and I am loving this design. Easy, but some design features to keep it interesting. Many other followers of Project Stash also joined in to the KAL and their FOs are inspiring.

I leave you now to go and sort out some chores and errands but I will promise to put up my notes from the Clara Parkes talk and then more about what I saw at my first Sheep and Wool Festival. That is if I can resist casting on my new yarns and ideas!

Oh! I almost forgot! I wanted to share with you a KAL that is different from any I have seen so far. Again, the source of the info was gleaned from reading Evelyn's post about Mystery Knitting. The headline captivated me and the concept is exciting to be a part of.

Go here and here to read more, but the synopsis is this. Shannon Okey is the publisher of Cooperative Press and she has a concept to make this into a book and exhibition. Join the group of knitters and decide if you'd like to work on one of 6 or 7 projects. A package complete with fiber, pattern, and needles will travel around to the various participants who work on the item and then forward it on to the next knitter. The resulting FOs will be used for a book and a trunk show. I know it sounds ambitious, but isn't that what we are all about? Ambitious? The other enticing things is the notebook that will be included with the knitting supplies. You will be encouraged to write a note, tell a story or draw something.


Evelyn said…
So lovely to see you back on your blog, E! All your knits look great -- love your Wholehearted Shawl -- and so glad you signed up for Shannon's big KAL. Talk soon!
RobinBrz said…
The shawls look beautiful! Personally I think that shawls are the most versatile garment! I have several and I wear one almost every day! Nice work!

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