Another KAL Piper's Journey with Single Handed Knits

"Here We Go..." Participants of the Piper's Journey KAL post their materials.

I listen to podcasts as I knit as a substitute for being in the company of other knitters. My opportunities to join other knitters is never frequent enough; I enjoy our local knit night at the Charlestown branch of Boston Public Library, or the Friday gathering at Stitch House, my LYS. Being in the company of other knitters inspires me and directs me in my search for new projects to make or techniques to learn. The camaraderie and kinship is important too.  I enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts and I am always on the lookout for a new one.

Melissa of Single Handed Knits
I found my way to SingleHandedKnits when Stephanie of Space Cadet Creations mentioned her in a blog post about the "Connections" we knitters make. Stephanie in an indie dyer, her yarn is delicious! Stephanie became a bit of a buzz when she happened to sell some skeins of yarn at a wool festival and once the buyer blogged about it, her queue of orders became much, much longer. The blogger who blew up Space Cadet inbox is none other than Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the knitter's Dalai Lama. Her blog, Yarn Harlot, is funny, whimsical and informative, if you want a laugh, inspiration and a sense that you have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the fiber world, venture forth. (BTW, if you want to hear Stephanie's take on the Ravelympics debacle, look here).

My idea of perfect, knitting, sand in my toes, waves lapping at the shore line and a fire, mmmmm....
So, back to my reason for writing today.....Single Handed Knits. Can you whip up a project or more a week? Do you have kids under the age of 18 underfoot? And yeah, can you knit with one hand? (Technically, Melissa does use her left hand, but the story behind her unique knitting method is inspiring). All the while living in the vacation destination of Hawaii? This is a story to follow.

I reveled in my first viewing of Melissa's podcast which was filled with raw energy, positive attitude, a breeze blowing about, palm trees and backgrounds of mountains ranges, words like "stoked" and "Mahalo". And her projects! In the post when she showed her Piper's Journey Shawl, I knew I had to have the pattern.
Melissa's first Piper's Journey
She has just begun podcasting, but in the short time she has been piloting her knitting experiences, she has sponsored "One for Me, One for You", where she shared a skein of yarn from stash with the person who suggested a pattern for the yarn. She is now knitting Westminster in Studio June Yarn Starstruck.

The winner got one skein when she chose this project for Melissa to make with
Studio June Yarn Star Struck, it had been lingering in stash.
Melissa is enthusiastic about the finds and purchases related to knitting. She was particularly enthused about a stash of buttons she had received in the mail. She shared the resource for buttons and as a way to share the love, she offered a handcrafted ceramic button in her giveaway.

Buttons to die for, Melissa Jean Hand Knit Design

Just last week she kicked off the Piper's Journey KAL, which will run for a month, and she has broken the project down into do-able bits, with a reward for the first to finish.  Paula Emmons-Fuessle, the designer, moderates the forum page and helps anyone with questions.

Single Handed Knits will be doing two swap events for members of the SHK group. The first  involves agreeing to some old fashioned correspondence with someone Melissa matches you with. Over the next few months you will be encouraged to communicate often and get to know your swap partner.  Melissa has suggested we exchange through snail mail, either letters or postcards, and thus get to know one another. Later on in the swap, little goodies will be collected for your partner, and finally one knitted item will be mutually decided upon, (but kept a surprise) before the swap comes to a close in October.  It is expected that each member will spend between $35 and $45 for this swap.

If that amount is too much for your current yarn expenditures, Melissa is also sponsoring a Mini Skein Swap and you can use what you have in stash, provided you send out yarn as good as you would hope to receive. Details here. (You must join the Single Handed Knits group to be eligible).

There is so much happening in this little slice of knitting reality, I urge you to visit her blog, give her podcast a listen and see if her infectious and genuine voice appeals to you.

Are you still with me? Did you just skim the pictures? That's fine, I know I take a long time getting to my point, but this is the impetus for this post. Here is my Piper's Journey in Madelinetosh DK, color, Baltic.
Piper's Journey in Madelinetosh Baltic
This pattern is so easy to follow, mainly garter stitch, so it is vanilla knitting, and I am nearly ready to begin the lace border after only a few days of starting the project. Love this project so much! And yes, the yarn!!! Madelintosh DK, Baltic, leftover from my Tea Leaves Cardigan.

So Aloha, Mahalo, and happy knitting. Please come and join us at Single Handed Knits! Also, I want to extend my appreciation to Melissa for permission to use her extensive collection of great photos! Thanks!!!!!


Inky077 said…
Wow! So much info in so little time! First, who doesn't love Piper's Journey. I marvel at what the human mind can create out of 2 sticks (mostly) and string. Second, what great ideas to share. Those buttons are on my To Order list. Finally, again, great color choice on your project! Off to check the links - thanks for opening up new opportunities to knit and learn. Mahalo.

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