FO Friday #91

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I feel a bit like someone has me trapped in the revolving door and I can't figure when to leap out!  So much activity swirling around me. End of year events at work include meetings, paperwork, filing, and prep for summer school. At home, we are looking over our shoulders at the past week of recent holiday events of Bunker Hill Day and a few birthdays thrown in for good measure.

I have one more week before this school year closes down. The actual days at work are just..... <<<drum roll please>>>>.... three... three more days to finish up and pack up and then, rest up for a week until I dive back into summer sessions.  "I can do this" is the chant.

I have been knitting and organizing and surfing ebay. I know, I know, I swore I was on a yarn diet. I know. But I had to go back to the source of some yarn I used up on my Amari, and she has some exciting things posted on ebay. Not sure if I should share this link with you, bidding wars might ensue! I will tell you the vendor (ForestGreener06) and that she has some colorful Icelandic yarn up in her ebay store and I just successfully won this. (Scroll down to see image of yarn). I also found an awesome deal on Morehouse Merino, 8 skeins for 10.50 from a different seller. (Look here.)

I also anticipate another wooly package in the next week or so. I joined my first yarn club and the yarn was shipped out today from Toronto. I am a member of Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination Club.... hmmmm. I am waiting to see what pattern is in my inbox tomorrow and will run interference with my girls to scoop my packages from the mailman before any judgement can begin.... (They know my stash and it's depths...)

Anyway, enough from Chatty Cathy.... here's what got finished this week or last.....

Provence Baby Cardigan, before buttons were chosen.

Provence Baby Cardigan. Pattern by Cecily Glowick McDonald. Yarn, Red Heart Eco Ways

This is a gift my daughter wants to give to a doctor she works for. The baby was born about a month ago, but I'm sure this sweater will fit for a while. I enjoyed this knit and used a number of techniques that I had to learn before using. Mostly the seaming, which I am very happy with. I am not so thrilled with the yarn, but we chose it for its durability. (The drape is rather stiff and the sweater feels more like a mini Chanel jacket, too bad it is for a boy.) This would be a treasure if made in a wool, or cashmere, as Cecily describes using in the pattern.

Amari Shawl, before blocking.
Amari after blocking.

Amari. Pattern by Marie Grace Smith. Yarn, Indie dyer. Bought wool on ebay last year for $8.00.

This shawl jumped onto my needles thanks to the easy cajoling of a friend. I joined the Ravelry KAL group. I enjoyed meeting the knitters in the group and I benefited from the advice of one knitter who helped me overcome the inability to produce the edging as pictured. As a project, the shawl was fun and rewarding. It started with 6 stitches, and the worsted weight wool and size 7 needles made for quick work. It is primarily stockinette with a garter row to break it up. Once I reached the border, I gave it three tries before realizing I needed to use markers to get the lace stitches to align. I admit to being spacey and the markers were a crutch but the end result was, the shawl got finished.... I did not use a contrasting color, as the pattern shows. Also I used the super stretchy bind off, now a favorite! As for the wool used, I bought it from an individual who hand dyed it. Her ebay name is Forestgreener06 and her shop is here.


Patricia said…
Nicely done, Erin. I have the Provence on my needles right a teal color using Simply Soft Light. I am debating about the closure. I have three buttons I want to use on the yoke. The questions is: Button Band or I-Cord! This will be for a little girl. What technique did you use for the seaming? I usually use mattress stitch. Did you try something different?
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thanks Patricia, I really enjoyed the pattern and will make it again, but maybe in a lighter weight wool yarn.... The closure was easy enough and I like how the seed stitch matches the cuff and hem. I should really put up the final picture with the buttons I chose. It was between three sets of buttons and the vintage aqua won in the end. Seaming was a neat mattress stitch. My previous attempts were not so awe inspiring. I still want the Finishing School book and Principles of Knitting to broaden my seaming skills.
WonderWhyGal said…
oooh, that cardi is adorable and I love the shawl. Beautiful colors, indeed. I'd wait to share the seller's link until after I won the war too ;-)
I love Amari! Aloha to you! I am glad I found myself reading your blog. You make a lot of beautiful things. And the yarn photos....I love yarn! Anyway, mahalo for introducing me to Amari. I plan to go and look on Ravelry at the pattern.

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