WIP Wednesday #96

Go to Tami's Amis for more inspiration.
I have not been here of late. I have been thinking of you dear reader, thinking of what to write, trying to be succinct, to the point, brief, direct.... but as you can tell, that is not my MO. I gush, I blather, I carry on..... see what I mean? Maybe I can blame it on the caffeine? But really, I have come across some interesting things and I want to share them plus put some of my WIPs in the line up with hopes of kicking them to an FO status by Friday.

Evelyn's Amari, very close in color to mine, but she is working with Manos Silk blend.

I have been entranced by the influences of my friend Evelyn of Project Stash and have successfully conquered some deep stash usage. I joined another KAL that Evelyn was participating in and the result is a beautiful and quick knitting project called Amari. If you are inclined to try this pattern, jump in and join us! The company of Aunties is just fine.

Imported from Juniper Moon Farm blog page, http://www.fiberfarm.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/cosmo1.jpg

Aunties, wait what? (Aunties are some of the knitters who are members of the CSA or just general aficionados of the fiber from this farm). Well, the other benefit from joining the KAL was discovering Juniper Moon Farm, becoming covetous of their yarn line and watching the events as they unfold daily at the farm. I have been making Amari with some yarn I got on ebay, but I aspire to getting my hands on some Sabine in seaglass or natural and making this shawl again!

Space Cadet Yarn, hand dyed.

Another thread of excitement that I have been pursuing lately is following the blog and wish listing some of the fiber dyed by Stephanie of Space Cadet Creations. How did I find my way to this source? Well, I lurk on Twitter a lot now; Stephanie had a comment up recently remarking at the giant jump in orders of yarn. It seems she met the illustrious Yarn Harlot at a fiber show. Stephanie Pearl McPhee bought some yarn, and then mentioned it on her blog, and the thing went viral. Well, maybe that is slightly exaggerating, but when Yarn Harlot gives you a shout-out, people's ears perk up and they navigate to the source mentioned. (A while back this happened to French Press Knits, the designer of felted slipper/shoes).

So, as I lurk on Stephanie's website, I find my way to her blog and read with delight the description of "Connections" she has made, thanks to her fibery focus on life...... Aren't we all a friendly group? When you see a knitter, isn't there an unspoken etiquette? Most don't object to questions about the pattern or yarn in use, and there is always one guy whose eyes glaze over as he says, "My grandmother used to knit"....and he gazes off in the revery of remembering. But here I go, digressing as I am so prone to do...... to get to the point.....

On Stephanie's blog, I saw a new podcast that I have become inspired and enlivened by. Single Handed Knits comes from Hawaii and the knitter, Melissa, is ebullient, charismatic, and very productive. She is in the beginning stages of podcasting and I hope she will continue to give us peek into her life on the island and into her basket of work. Just this week she started a group on Ravelry. The projects she has going are giving me more ideas than these two hands can knit... just what I need, more things added to queue...

So, the blathering will stop here while I give you a chance to catch your breath, sorry, I get so excited over virtual things, it is a character flaw. Here is what I have on the needles this week.

GapTastic Cowl

Gaptastic Cowl, pattern by Jen Geigley. Yarn Lion Brand Wool-Ease
I have not been giving this one much attention and I know if I give it a bit of time each day I will finally free up my size 13 circs. So at least two rows a day, sometimes I get going and give it an hour or so, but I'm just not loving the fiber. It will be a cowl for one of my girls when finished.

Photo to be added shortly, once sun comes....

Provence Baby Cardigan, pattern by Cecily Glowick McDonald. Yarn, Red Heart Eco-Ways 
I am at the point where the sweater is seamed and I just need to pick up the button band stitches.   This little sweater has been a fun knit and will be a gift my daughter gives to a doctor she works for.

I like the pattern very much, the yarn, meh. Pattern was easy to follow and quick to knit. We chose this yarn  because it will be washable, but in reading the pattern notes... Cecily made her baby sweater out of cashmere! Yep, that would be one fun knit....

Amari, no lace border yet
Amari, pattern by Marie Grace Smith. Yarn, and hand-dyed wool that I got on ebay last year.
I love this pattern and in using the worsted weight wool and size 8 needles, progress flew. Up until I got to the lace border. I get very antsy as I near completion of a project, I get so I don't really follow what I read for directions and hence, frogged the lace edge three times.... now I am using the training wheels style of marking each set of lace repeats so I get the edging shown on the pattern photos. Ugh! I am a bit frustrated with myself that an easy pattern can trip me up so much. Persistence will win out. I hope to have it finished and blocked for Friday FOs.

Wholehearted Shawl
Wholehearted II, pattern by Erika Flory. Yarn, Yarns on Stage Sweet Pea.
I don't know what happened.... this was going to be a pair of socks, but the glow of color was so enticing that I decided it needed to become a shawl instead. I had a very long day at work yesterday, professional development meetings and after that, Awards Night. Both of these allowed me to knit uninterrupted and I got so much done of my Wholehearted II. I will need to get a solid color to do the bands of textured stitch and hope to find something in the purple or olive family to complement the tones of the Sweet Pea.

So I hope things are well with you, that you are staying dry and warm in this crazy rainy weather in New England. Wishing you happy knitting and speedy needles!


Tawnee Isner said…
All your projects look lovely. I love the yarn for all of them.. Especially the blue, because well blue is my favorite color.
Heather said…
I love space cadet. I got some of her yarn at a local yarn show in Feb. and now belong to the yarn alliance!
Patricia said…
Sooooo wonderful to read your words again...rambling I love! Your enthusiasm is catching and I am going to be clicking on some new links. Was happy to hear your experience of the Provence Baby Cardigan. I stumbled on the pattern last week and it is on my "to-do" list for an expected baby girl. I sewed seams on the Sapporo Cardigan last night and will start neckband today. Won't be knitting tonight...will be at the LA Kings final (hopefully) playoff game for the Stanley Cup. If I were a player of a winning team and got to have the cup at my house for a day I would fill it with my stash and take a picture!!
Evelyn said…
I would never say that your stream of consciousness is a character flaw. In fact, it's what makes me love you, dear friend. I love how you always have so many WIPs going ... and it's always so much fun knitting with you. xo
Inky077 said…
Ditto on Evelyn's thought! The depth and breath of your work constantly amazes me. I wish I could get one hour in where I am neither very scattered or very tired - both wreck havoc on my ability to put two stitches together on one needle!

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