WIP Wednesday # 98

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Work in Progress Wednesday
Things have been hectic of late (wait, didn't I start a recent post with those same words???). Well, chaos persists; end of year at work, start of summer at home, some persistent health issues, the need for mental holiday in my head.... You know what I'm talking about I'm sure. 

I have some new things I am very excited about working on. One is a test knit from my friend Evelyn. I can't share what I am working on, but I am beaming with pride and envy at her pattern, charting, and directions. I look forward to swatching and casting on, and later, when I am allowed, sharing the results with you....

The other knit related thing I am excited about is an opportunity to put my knitting energy to work for a line of baby items. I am hoping to land a job as a home knitter for an adorable line of babywear. Again, I must keep the details under my hat until further notice, but it is jazzing me to know I have some new puzzles to play with! Oh, did I mention that she will have me working with Madelinetosh? My drug of choice!!!

The projects listed below have been getting a lot of my attention despite the hectic nature of my life. You know I knit to chill out and calm my nerves right? So, lately,  I seek out a quiet spot, my bag of WIPs and some music or a movie to keep me company. I have also spent a goodly amount of time sitting and listening, either at my daughter's orientation or at end of year school PD (professional development). This has helped me get a huge amount of stuff pushed closer to being finished.

White Boneyard.
Pattern, Stephen West. Yarn- Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight, Red Heart Boutique Changes from old stash.
This pattern is an easy, mindless and productive knit. I have had it in my bag to work on during meetings at school and after work while catching up on Game of Thrones. The yarn is primarily Red Heart Changes and the variation in color hues is a characteristic of that yarn. I alternated with some leftover yarn from deep stash. I hope to cast off by Friday, and get it blocked soon.

Wholehearted II
Pattern, Erika Flory. Yarn- Yarns on Stage Sweet Pea
I love this yarn.... lucky for me I scored three skeins at Stitch House a while back so I will be able to make another shawl in this colorway. There is a Classic Elite shawl pattern I have queued that has an Indian stitch which will show off the variegation in color.
This too should be off the needles for Friday! yay!


Black and Royal Transition Shawl
Pattern, Karen S. Lauger. Yarn, Dale of Norway Svale
This yarn is from deep deep stash. I was going to pass it on to a group of seniors in my neighborhood who have a crochet club. They will get all of my de-stashed acrylic and novelty yarns. Now I need to figure out if is there is a sock yarn I can buy to get the size of shawlette I am aiming for.Can it be a successful de-stash even if you need to get another ball as a complimentary color?

Gaptastic Cowl
Pattern, Jen Geigley. Yarn, Lion Brand Wool- Ease Chunky
Sorry, the picture is old, trust me... I am  nearly done with the cast off and just need to block it. Another candidate for FO Friday. This has lingered in my work basket for way too long.

Bridgewater, Pattern, Jared Flood. Yarn, Classic Elite yarns, Silky Alpaca Lace
Simple garter stitch, but on small needles with skinny thread. Slow progress but I am nearing the part of the pattern where I will begin to decrease, then onto the lace edge. I may be seeking a member of a KAL to hold my hand on that section.....

Amari. Pattern, Marie Grace Smith. Yarn, ebay find!!!!
You know I love this pattern; I love the speed of the project thanks to the fact that I am using worsted weight yarn and size 8s, and can you say you don't love this colorway? It brings to mind a dress my Nana used to wear when we were kids. I don't have a good color name for it, but it makes me think of crocus flowers past their bloom. The yarn source is the same as for my first Amari, an ebayer by the name of  ForestGreener. I have made a number of buys from her this past week and will be doing a Fiber Friday write up because they are so luscious!


Evelyn said…
I'm loving all your WIPs! You hadn't told me about being a home knitter for a new baby wear line. Woo hoo! Good luck and fingers crossed that it works out.
Patricia said…
Do I see a trend as I view your WIPs? They are lovely. I love knitting baby items...Because of their size, it is the perfect way for me to try new techniques and ideas while imagining the precious little body it will someday enfold. Home knitting baby wear items sounds like a perfect thing to do!
Inky077 said…
Your Wholehearted II is exquisite! The color combo is amazing. Wish I had your eye!
bookworm-Mary said…
so many beautiful WIPs! Can't wait to see the FOs!

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