A summer Saturday to Jump Into a Fall Knit Along

vI have really enjoyed the last three (and my first three) KALs. Two of the three were stirred up by my friend Evelyn of Project Stash. She is the impetus for my current KAL, Jump Into Fall. Here are some of the projects I have completed with Evelyn's inspiration.

Wholehearted Shawl by Erika Floury
KAL Number One- Wholehearted Shawl
In the first KAL, I joined Evelyn in the Wholehearted Shawl group. The pattern had been gifted to me by Evelyn and I found it to be relaxing, intuitive and beautiful. I made two shawls while in this KAL.

My first Wholehearted in Cascade's Heritage Paint sock yarn.

Wholehearted II in Yarns on Stage Sweet Pea.
Picot bind off may take longer to do, but it adds a beautiful design element and allows for stretchy edging.

KAL Number Two- Amari KAL.
I made two shawls from this pattern. It is an easy knit, though the border had me stymied until I properly read the directions and followed the order of operations parentheses rule.... (my strength does not lie in following directions the first, second or third time). Swearing, elevated blood pressure, and a tall glass of beer bring things into better focus... Oh you say you're like that too? Good to know I'm not alone!
I have really enjoyed the cheering and admiration of this KAL group on Ravelry which was nestled into the lap of Juniper Moon Farm aunties forum. What fun it was to view their projects, hear their success stories, and their enticement to friends who had not yet joined us.

Amari I in yarn from Forest Greener's ebay store.
Amari II in Forest Greener's ebay store.

KAL Number Three- Piper's Journey
I found this KAL during the time I became enthralled with a new podcaster out of Hawaii. Melissa, of Single handed Knits, started podcasting a short time ago, but she has such persuasive skills that my anticipation for Sundays has become like that for Christmas morning.... what surprises, gifts and excitement will she have in store for me as I tune in?

Melissa's  Piper's Journey that she sported early on in the blog/podcast was inspiring and so beautiful that I immediately navigated to Paula Emons-Fuessle's Ravelry page and ordered the pattern. I was lucky to have some Madelinetosh in stash and got a quick start to this fun, relaxing and lovely pattern. I also learned a new technique while working on this; it is the first time I have done a knitted on lace border. I am currently stash diving for yarn for my second project with this pattern.

Piper's Journey in Madelinetosh Baltic colorway.
So after all of the chat, are you still there? Are you wondering which KAL is next in my knitting future? Here is the plan.

KAL Number Four- Jump For Fall.
Evelyn has tossed out a challenge for us to join her in her early steps into sewing and knitting some fall wardrobe items. She just got some beautiful Eco yarn at her LYS and she is casting on Jane Richmond's Oatmeal Pullover.  Evelyn is venturing into constructed knit garments and hopes to have company as she navigates the pattern and the experience of starting and finishing a sweater. I want to be a part of this group for the incentive, encouragement, and camaraderie.

My plan is to make the Levenwick Sweater by Gudrun Johnston. I have gathered my materials, the yarn and pattern were purchased a while back, but I never got underway with the knitting. It is exciting to know I am part of a bigger group; I know I will be checking in on the progress of others, and it is the community of knitters that will help me to keep on task and see how far I can get with this.
Here are the beginnings of my project.

The start of a new fall sweater, Cascade 220 Heathers..

Swatching saves time.
New motto. Swatch first!

Swatching for another sweater using deep stash.

Swatching some deep stash to make Hannah Fettig's Effortless Cardigan.
 Not sure if I will be making this for the KAL Jump for Fall. I'll see if I get gauge once the swatch dries. The yarn is Bristol Yarn Gallery Ashton in rust. A friend gifted me the new Knitbot Essentials book and I have been aching to use up stash and have a sweater project going.

The impetus for this KAL was a bumper sticker that said, I have a dog and I vote!
One last  word about KALs and urging you to consider joining in and reaping the benefits of having the group support, encouragement and advice.

Melissa of Single Handed Knits announced yesterday that there is a cool Sock the Vote KAL to begin soon. Go here to read up on the exciting "party" lines: Toe Up, Cuff Down, Undecided, or Green Party. The first three parties will require you to buy yarn from an indie dyer,  the green party will require you to use yarn in the any shade of green. All party members are free to choose which ever sock pattern that fits the party line. Think on it. Join! We need you!

The event registration is opening up next week, and once the 75 slots are filled, that part of the KAL  closes. If you buy yarn, it will be shipped in mid September cast on commences on October 1st and the deadline for completion is November 5, 2012 the day before we vote for president. Melissa has consoled those of us that don't want to hear more political lobbying that the topics will be related to knitting rather than Republican/Democratic/Independent platforms.


Evelyn said…
Awesome post, as always. I'm loving our KALs as they really help me feel like I'm knitting with a world-wide net of friends. I love the pattern you've chosen for the Jump for Fall KAL and am completely envious of the yarn you're using ... it's gorgeous in all ways!
Heather said…
I love those shawls. What are the yarn and yarn colors in the purple and green one?

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