Fiber find, fabulous colors, frugal appeal. Forest Greener on eBay

Hand dyed yarn from ForestGreener on eBay
I may have dropped a mention of Forest Greener in the past, but I want to share my recent haul with you. Anyone who has read that I am on a fiber diet, you are not allowed to make any derogatory comments about stash enhancement. If you do, I swear I will place my hand on a family Bible and state that the Fiber Diet involved Raisin Bran, and beans, plenty of beans.... That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

I am guilty of lurking on eBay, usually in search of vintage knitting needles and slightly used books. I really was just a tad curious when I typed in Madelinetosh, Malabrigo and Manos in the search box. I was doing research, really. Just comparison shopping. I swear!

I fell into the rabbit hole of yarn purchases, really, really my foot just slipped. I know I saw Alice working a royal and white Fair Isle hat as I plummeted downwards. When I plunked down on the bottom, I found colors and prices that stunned and hypnotized me. I found myself scanning "just one more" page of images, and being lulled into the concept of getting mail, getting mail with fiber inside, fiber in glorious colors! You can see where this is going right?

ForestGreener of eBay, five skeins purchased for 9.99 last year.
My first transaction with this vendor was about a year ago when I purchased this yarn. I got five skeins of 100 yards apiece, for $9.99 plus shipping. It sat in my stash for quite some time and when Evelyn of Project Stash invited me to do a KAL, I rediscovered it. Here is how it looks knitted up.

In working with this yarn, I found I really liked how it  knit up, I liked the flow of deep burgundy to dark cherry and I thought.... hmmmm, I wonder if she is still on eBay? Well, trust me my PayPal account assures you, she is still in business. Here is the trouble I got into....

After lurking on eBay and shopping from a few vendors, I decided to make the plunge with hopes of amassing an array of knitted items for our school's Christmas Fair. Last week I was pleasantly surprised with a number of mailers stuffed with yarn. Here is what I got.
Lot of Morehouse Merino, 8 hanks/150 yards each, $10.50 plus shipping. (Starting price was $7.50). This was from another  eBay vendor. Morehouse Yarn is from a small family business in Maine.

Pure wool, Icelandic yarn, colors of rose, gold, teal and peach. Two hanks, 150 yards each.

Pure worsted weight wool, five hanks, 100 yards each, colors of lavender, mauve and taupe, $9.99 plus shipping.

Cashmere wool blend laceweight, six balls of multiple strands, ball yardage totals 675 yards, if separated into solid single strands, yardage is 2700. Price, $9.99 plus shipping.

Pure wool, Icelandic yarn, two hanks, 150 yards, color brown, pink and peach. Price, $10.49 plus shipping.
Pure worsted weight wool, four hanks, 100 yards each, colors of brown and ocher. Price, $9.99 plus shipping.

Pure worsted weight wool, five hanks, 100 yards each, color grass green. Price $10.49, plus shipping.
As much as I love and support my LYS, I also want to rise to the challenge Clara Parkes exposed us to when she visited and spoke to the Common Cod Guild this past spring. She asked us to go to the grass roots of the fiber industry and spread some of our knitting dollars to the indie dyers, spinners, and small businesses.

I want you to know about ForestGreener and eBay shopping for a couple of reasons. The value of her yarn is very good; most of my orders were for 500 yards, most were won for a price of 9.99 plus shipping. The quality of the yarn is not as silky soft as Malabrigo, but it is a sturdy workable yarn that softens with a soak in wool wash and blocking. Her color combinations are unique and whimsical. The saturation of color varies between skeins a bit, but I have been very happy so far with how the knitting has worked up.

I have been very pleased with each purchase from ForestGreener; she ships promptly, she will combine orders with reduced postal charge, and she includes washing instructions and a colorful cardstock  ruler. So, venture forth if you dare. Let me know if you end up a winner???


Gail said…
I don't blame you one bit. I would have been off that diet so fast, your head would spin!
FoFo said…
WOW What a beautiful bunch of yarns!!! You lucky girl!
Cleo said…
Oooooooooh yummy! Now that's one type of mail I wouldn't mind getting (rather than bills and ads)
Patricia said…
When I was a child, I was told by the good nuns to be careful of bad companions. They were the ones who tempted you to stray from the path of righteousness and got you into trouble. Ohhhhh how you tempt to me to lurk on Ebay! Fantastic bargains and such beautiful colors.
collegeknitting said…
ooooh- so pretty! Once I come off MY yarn diet, I will have to take a look.
Anonymous said…
I am a long time buyer of Forest Greener on Ebay and Etsy. I love her colors, and the yarn knits up a dream on my needles. I should be embarrassed as to how many pounds/skeins of her yarn I have in my stash - but I am not. Right now, the only thing saving me from running up a US size debt is I typically buy her fingering and sock size yarns. I love them. But, the colors are so tempting.

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