FO Friday # 94

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FO Friday
I have been otherwise occupied and haven't been getting many posts up of late. But here are the things that I got off the needles in the past three weeks.
Iced, pattern by Carol Feller
Iced Baked Beans. Pattern, Carol Feller. Yarn, Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky, color Baked Beans
This has been finished for a while now, it was the quickest sweater project ever. I want to urge you to consider it, a free pattern written by Carol Feller, clear directions, fairly easy to make, knitted top dowm with minimal seaming and the garter stitch, oh to only sing the praise of garter stitch.... I know it is the first thing we learn to make as knitters, but it feels like coming home when it is a design element.
Buttons from Windsor Button
Raglan sleeves knit top down, collar was picked up from sides.
Not sure if you can feel the bounce through the screen, but this was squishy, bouncy yarn!
Tell me you don't love garter stitch.....?
The weight of this sweater will make it great for replacing a jacket or coat come fall.
I cast off a while ago and it lingered patiently, waiting the right closure. I needed to find just the right buttons and finally got them sewn on. Thank you Windsor Button!
The yarn was won in a drawing held during the Red Line Yarn Crawl. It came with a pattern, but I have wanted to make Iced ever since it premiered on Knitty. Please go look it up and consider adding it to your queue!
Montague, pattern by Melissa LeBarre
Before buttons.
Buttons from Windsor Button
These buttons are about 2" wide.
Mystery Purple Montague. Pattern Melissa LaBarre. Yarns, Malabrigo Gruesa, color Purple Mystery.
This too has been finished for some time now, but I needed something to hold it closed. I was using a shawl pin, but found these buttons and had to have them. Love this piece even though it is bulky. Such a fun knit, will definitely make this again!
Malabrigo Gruesa

The story behind this project was discussed in a previous post, but for those of you that don't want to go back and search for it, here is the story. I was innocently waiting on line at Windsor, ready to pay for the few things I came in for.... and I spied this shade of purple blue that you find in a wet mussel shell at the beach. You know that color, such a deep rich purpley blue, and when wet, it glows with happy energy. That color was in the sale bin! That color had to be had! It was a bulky yarn and sort of short on yardage, so I choose two skeins and made my way home. The skeins sat near where I knit and I would find myself gazing on them and dreaming about what they could become. Dreaming soon turned to detective work. I sat flipping through books and magazines, looking for something that would be worthy. I found nothing.... how frustrating! Instead of getting stuck, I took out the recommended size needles and just started playing. (It is here that I began to experience the rush I imagine a designer feels on a daily basis, "This is a good fit!").  As I knit, the image of the last project in New England Knits bubbled to the top. I grabbed the book and knit a swatch of the lace design, and the rest is history. A fast and enjoyable knit, it did require seaming, but I love how it looks. This piece will be kicking my down vest to the curb come fall.

Wholehearted Shawl II. Pattern, Erika Flory. Yarn-Yarns on Stage, Sweet Pea and Plymouth Yarn, Happy Feet. 
I keep thinking to myself that this is the prettiest thing I ever did make. The colors of the sock yarn are so rich, and the hues are so delicious. The coordinating yarn in olive green is another favorite color and now I need to build some wardrobe pieces to wear with this. I love this pattern and how easy it is to follow. It is basically garter stitch and then textured rows. Mindless but rewarding.

White Boneyard. Pattern, Stephen West. Yarn- deep stash- Red Heart Boutique Changes, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight.
I have made this pattern before and it too is an easy mindless pattern to work. The yarns were in a bag that was going to a senior center, but I pulled these two out thinking that maybe the white color would appeal to one of my girls. The Changes yarn is fun to work with as it shifts between a number of texturals. The joins are smooth, almost a Russian join. They are nearly invisible in the project.

Amari II. Pattern, Marie Grace Smith. Yarn, ForestGreener/ebay vendor.
I saw the colors of this yarn and had to have it. It brings to mind a dress my Nana used to wear that had flowers and leaves in these tones. This yarn vendor has such great deals. Five skeins of 100 yards each for 9.99 plus 3.35 shipping! I love working with worsted weight and size 8 needles, the project flies.


Gail said…
You've been a busy lady! Everything is so pretty, but I'm especially loving the Amari. I bought some Malabrigo several years ago in a very similar colorway :-)
WonderWhyGal said…
Wowza! Where to begin? You have been very busy. Those buttons on the first sweater really do pop and I love the blue vest. Your shawls are gorgeous too.

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